Ticket to Benjamin’s

By my very honed standards. I can tell you this place is the PITS!

The service was absolutely terrible. One of us could’ve died at the table and no one would’ve noticed. Both the steak and the bacon tasted like it had been given birth from the Morton’s Salt Girl. They ran out of Penfold’s after 2 bottles and it took us asking 3 times to turn on the TV in the private TV dining area! I wouldn’t take YOUR mother out to eat here.



4 Responses

  1. Agreed. We were treated like second class citizens because we weren’t in suits. People in Jeans still need to be treated right!

  2. 05/31/2007 Posted by soxaregood

    Been to all of them in NYC and this one easily ranks at the bottom. Was optomistic from the website but not impressed upon arrival. Start with the steak, as that’s most important…bland cut, overcooked, heavily salted. Not the worst steak I’ve had but certainly nothing special. The rest…Service was horrible, bathrooms are two floors downstairs in the hotel attached, ordered another bottle of wine and it was placed on our table unopened (not kidding) had to find our waiter to remind him to open it, very unorganized food delivery (all apps came at once and we waited forever for entrees). Restaurant layout and ambiance were nice…that’s about it.

  3. Oh, and for the record…CitySearch is a piece of shit site too. Type in Benjamin Steakhouse in NY and it shows no results. I lose my mind on that site all the time.

  4. The worst steak experience since the inception of steak club 7. soxarebad summed it up well.

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