Golden Steer – Las Vegas, NV

Golden Steer Las Vegas Ticket

The annual Steak Club 7 plus trip to Vegas mid-December is something looked forward to with more anticipation than one can put into 1245 emails about the subject. One of the highlights is Steak Club 7 night. This time we hit the famous Golden Steer, heralded as the oldest steak house in Vegas and frequent hang of the infamous rat pack.

Golden Steer Sign

Golden Steer Sign

Admittedly, I was pretty drunk upon arriving at the Golden Steer but the level of excitement when happening up the plastic cow erected in honor of the meat god had me nearly bouncing off the walls. The vibe inside was very old school. Big wooden bar, piano player in the lobby, high back leather chairs and a great scotch selection.

Sides were ok, wine selection was great, my steak was awesome and the vibe really won me over here. I can tell you I remember specifically a lot about the food but I do remember loving the steak and stabbing the wall with my knife 10 or 15 times. Its Vegas, what do you want from me?

Heavily recommended for parties – I give this 4 stars or stabs, your call.


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  1. I will start by saying I love Vegas and all it has to offer. Thankfully we were given a private room since we had a drunken stabber with us. The vibe of the restaurant was good, especially for a joint in a strip mall.

    I got the rib eye because the waiter recommended it. It was cooked properly and not too fatty. It was very good, but not great. I think I’m done with the rib eye for a while.

    Wine was great. Caesar salad was prepared table side and very good. The potatoes were not up to par.

    Overall, I had a blast and the food was good. I don’t think I’d go back unless I was with a party that needed a private room.

    3.5 Stars.


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