Macelleria – Best of 2008 … so far!

YES! The glorious return of the Steak Club 7. We checked out a new spot this time called Macelleria conveniently located in New York City’s meatpacking district. Their description as a “rustic Italian steakhouse” is spot on. Wooden tables and chairs, long tall wooden bar with stone walls and floors gave this a very old world feeling.

Macelleria Steakhouse NYC ticket

They sat us right next to the butcher counter and kitchen which was a special treat until they started cooking what might’ve been smelt. Nothing makes a big Italian dude like me happier than seeing the words “Salumi Misti Italiani” listed under appetizers and Macelleria did not disappoint. Be sure you order it. Scoozi? The wedge salad dressing was more oil than gorgonzola although being advertised the opposite but who are we kidding? This isn’t about rabbit food!!

I split a PH42 with the Meat God and was not disappointed. The filet side was tender, moist and delicious. It must have been seared in butter because it hinted a taste of movie popcorn and I loved it. The strip side was mighty delectable but I will say I have had better. Sides left room to be desired but the desserts were incredible. Special thanks to Matt who ate almost my entire order after I had only one bite. You’re a charm.

– Delicious steak, prepared nearly perfect
– Mouth watering cured Italian meats
– Great environment and friendly staff
– Giant ceramic cow head

– Overpriced
– Argumentative waiter who after having 5 people tell him the wine he brought us was not right, told us we were wrong
– Mysterious Bombay Sapphire charged to our bill that was never ordered

Overall, a winner. I give this a 4.


3 Responses

  1. Two thumbs up! A great meal and one of the best in a while.

    After dinner I was happy to return home and still smell the steak on my shirt. I think it is a privilege to sit next to the kitchen at a steakhouse.

    The vibe was great here and not stuffy at all. It was definitely rustic Italian which was nice, although the wooden chairs are tough on the tush.

    On to the food! The Salami’s and mozzarella cheese were a great way to start the eating. The Mozz was some of the creamiest I’ve ever had. Next up I went for the Wedge, but switched out the dressing for the vinegarette. The salad was a low-light of dinner, but I didn’t care because I smelled steaks charring all night and I just needed something to pass the time.

    I was in the mood for a strip after 3 months of rib eyes. Alas, there was no strip steak. Bone-In Rib eye medium it was. The steak was perfectly cooked with just enough fat to keep it juicy. I’m a potato guy and the roasted potatoes were awesome! I had a few shoe string fries which weren’t too bad. The real star of dinner…the STEAK! The way it should be.

    We shared a bunch of desserts and all that I sampled were great. There was a chocolate jammie that I wanted to try, but the Meat God did not share.

    Overall one of the best Steak dinners in a while. 4.5 stars! Give me a better wedge and a soft seat and we may have a perfect score!


  2. Agreed with MM –

    A Fantastic meal and great vibe of the restaurant. The menu was definitely pricey, but we had a great time and the Rib Eye was fantastic!

    4.0 for me!


  3. I have to say that this was the perfect choice for starting off Steakclub7 in 2008. Can’t think of a better way to start the third year of delicious steak consumption. That said, Macelleria is the an exquisite eating experience!
    I started the night with shrimp and they were very tasty. Unlike the rest of club, I chose 10 little neck clams as my next course. They were perfect, just ask Joe C.

    And then the porterhouse for two, which I split with Matt, right after he ate the Meat God’s leftover onion. I was very impressed. Now, the porterhouse, the most important dish of the evening – it was perfect. Medium rare plus. Oozing juices. Every bite, both sides, absolutely delicious. A wonderful steak, no other way to say it.

    Dessert was fun as always. We ordered almost all of them and shared. Thats how we roll. Except for the Meat God.

    Service – pretty good. The waiter was rude in regards to the skunked wine. But whatevs. One waiter, at the end of the night asked me not to take pictures. Again, whatevs. We were done taking pictures.

    Table – location was lame to me at first. We were at a big table in the way back, next to the bathroom. Always a bad sign. Until I realized we were right next to the kitchen. The smell of steak cooking was infectious!

    The Pricetag – ridiculous. I think the main problem was the amount of alcohol we consumed. In the future, I propose that members that do not consume the nectar of the gods, should not partake in the pound of flesh owed when all is settled.

    Overall, I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat. 4.0 for me as well.


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