Ben Benson’s – The Return!

Back in August of  2006, the SC7 paid a visit to Ben Benson’s and unfortunately a couple people missed out. I remember going but had a little too much vino to exactly recall the quality. None the less, no one had a bad review so we decided to return. Prompt seating, friendly service and a nice atmosphere greeted the 6 of us in attendance.

Ben Benson’s Steak Club 7 Ticket

My meal started off with beef barley stew, since they had no bacon, and it was damn good! I have to say that the wine selection was up to my standards and was over priced. The steak, although filled with great flavor, came slightly over done and a tad on the cold side. I want my steak to sizzle before my eyes. The chocolate mousse cake was unbelievably rich but wasn’t enough to save the steak. 

Hate to say that Ben’s didn’t bring it.

Benny B’s gets a generous 3 out of 5 from me. 


2 Responses

  1. I missed out on the first visit and the stories from the night were like tales from the sea so I requested another visit. Wish granted.

    This will be a quick review because I was not satisfied and the more I think about the steak the more my boxers get bunched.

    I also started with the beef barley soup and it was pretty good. I rarely rock a soup, but it was rainy out and it felt right and it was.

    My steak was both not very hot and overcooked. The meat itself was good, so I moved ahead and ate. I like a medium steak and love the little bit of pink.

    The potato sides were great. Mashed w/horse radish and browns.

    The service was very good. The wine was a little expensive, but Joe made a good selection. I think I’m becoming more partial to a syrah with steak but this crew rolls more fruity.

    Overall I’ll give BB’s a 3 of 5 because the night was fun and service was good.

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