Keen’s – The Redemption

It can be argues that Keen’s hosted the official first meeting of the Steak Club 7 ever. On our prior visit, Keen’s rated high in every category but the steak. It’s possible that the excitement of steak club created too high an expectation. Regardless, the call was made to return and it was one hell of a call!

Keens Steakhouse Steak Club 7

We were sat upstairs, which if you ever go to Keen’s, is the only way to go. If you’ve been there you know their ceilings are covered in churchwarden pipes (made famous by their long stems) and there is a great story about them on Keens website. It makes for a great atmosphere. But back to the food…

The blue cheese on my wedge salad was fantastic and had some ingredient I couldn’t name that made it all the better. The strip that I was served was a horrible cut, that was covered in fat and even braised improperly. I called the waiter over to send it back and before I could finish my sentence, he sincerly apologized and took my plate. In less than 5 minutes the server returned with one of the best pieces of meat I have ever seen or eaten! It was fantastic and he was very, very apologetic. The sides were delicious, especially the carrots in brown butter. Washed down with a nice Chilean red blend, Keen’s came back hard and with a massive improvement.

I’ll give Keen’s at 4.5 out of 5 and an A++ for service.



2 Responses

  1. YES YES YES. I love Keen’s! It’s not pure bliss but there is something about the place that is very comforting. Perhaps it’s because I used to live on the block; but more likely my sheer joy of being in it’s confines is due to the multiple old-style dining rooms, it’s rustic bar, and the thousands of clay pipes aligned perfectly to line the entire cieling of the establishment.

    Our latest visit was highlighted by the perfect table in the upstairs dining room, stellar apps (shrimp – solid, vinegrette on my lettuce wedge – delectible), sides (hash, boiled, carrots, and green beans – all winners) and another perfect cut of NY Stip cooked to impress) and oustanding service!

    I am a sucker for good service and on this night was unmatched. The one black-eye on the night was a single steak not cooked or cut properly. As a fellow member mentioned earlier, before we could even request a send-back, our waitered removed the inferior item and applogized perfusely. Fully blaming himself for even serving it. He proceeded to make-good in the best way possible by delivering in no time, a perfect cut of serloin cooked to perfection.

    Further appologizing, the restaurant delivered 2 caramel and 2 chocolate sundaes and coffee/espresso gratis. It’s very simple really, if you are charging $134.00 per person for a meal and screw something up…hook us up! It will get you everywhere in the blogesphere and the post SC7 chatter/recommendations.

    Props to Keens for always delivering both in food and style!

  2. Absolutely; the service was fantastic. Some of the best service I’ve ever received at a steakhouse. True, the atmosphere was enticing; complete with a bountiful mahogany bouquet, back-number barkeeps and burgundy velevet lined barstools that make a man want a fresh barber shave, a smokey single malt and a perfectly cut and prepared piece of meat. Therein lies the problem with Keen’s; the latter portion of those wants and needs.

    This was my second trip to the fine dining establishment and unfortunately, my second subpar steak. On my maiden voyage, I ordered the strip, which was reminisent of a beef tip covered in tendons. Last night, I opted for the filet au poivre. Aside from the fact that the meat was full of fat (precisley what I was trying to avoid by ordering a filet) it was not prepared au poivre (which I was very much looking forward to). Additionally, one of the members of my party got a steak that was poorly cut AND cooked and had to send it back. Sure, his second steak was good, but when considering steaks, two out of three IS bad (sorry Meatloaf!)Consistency is key and Keen’s has showed me very little.

    That said, the sides were serviceable, the desert was great and the service was amazing. In this writer’s opinion, however, a great steakhouse is not built on great service or deserts; it’s built around consistently great steaks. Keen’s doesn’t deliver. Period.

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