Old Homestead – solo mission

I was asked to host a bachelor party in New York City last weekend. One of the requests was a fine steak dinner. With so many choices and so many great experiences, how do I as a member of Steak Club 7 pick just one? Easy, I went with the option that I though had the overall best rating, The Old Homestead. As always, it delivered with flying colors, specifically a nice reddish-pink middle!!

Since it was a party, we went full on; wedge salads, kobe burger to split, kobe bacon slabs, jenga stacked garlic bread in cheese, hasbrowns, sauteed broccoli, creamed spinach and I talked the table into steak for 6. Seemed to make sense to me since we had 3 orders of filet and 3 orders of strip. Turned out to be a great idea. The service great, especially when we had to send one steak back for being well when we asked for medium rare.

2 sundaes and stackable after dinner drinks later, and we were one satisfied crew. The Old Homestead should be nick named, the Old Standard.

Steak anyone?

stackable bevs

Is that a giant cow or are you happy to see meat?


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