Primehouse – B.R. Guest takes a swing with their own twist

Primehouse New York Ticket

Trying something new this month, we hit the new B.R. Guest spot, Primehouse New York.

Located in Gramercy, it instantly set itself apart from the NYC standard steakhouse with a bar area separated from the restaurant. The motif was very modern, black and white and lots of square shaped. Not the regular oak and white, home vibe you would normally get. It actually felt very new-age Las Vegas.

The menu has some slight differences as well with their massive raw bar list specialty aged steaks. Our waiter, god bless him, tried to up sell us over and over, whether it was the appetizer of the day, the seafood specials or steaks. I wasn’t into that but a few of the others were.

The blue cheese on the wedge salad may have been the best blue cheese I have ever tasted. The sides measured up; the steak fries with asiago and truffle oil were fantastic, the old school hash browns were great and the macaroni and cheese was not only thick but also robust with flavor. Thumbs up.

I went with the 35 day aged Kansas City, Bone-in Sirloin. The cut was a little smaller than I am used to but to their credit, I actually finished the whole piece without feeling too full. It was prepared just right and had great flavor. The home made steak sauce didn’t blow me away but the peppercorn sauce was damn good.

The waiter sold us on the box of doughnuts with chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch sauce. Essentially they were fried dough much like a doughnut hole served with 3 squirt bottles of sauce. The idea being to insert the bottle into said doughnut, squeeze and fill to your liking. The concept was awesome but I wasn’t blown away by the taste.

All in all, price, wine list, apps, sides, steak, ambience, service and price were pretty good. I would definitely recommend it but not at the top of the list. However, the complimentary macaroon style cookies that came with the bill, not so good.

4 out of 5.


3 Responses

  1. Overall: Good (3.5 out of 5)

    The steak was very good (a little smaller than i’m used to, but smaller than all other NY Strips at the table) and the sides were delicious and contained interesting twists on the stardard side presentation.

    Ambiance was a little slick for me.

    Service was average and price was slightly high.

    Definitely recommend when entertaining with an expense account, there are better spots when paying out of pocket though.

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