Rothman’s Steak House – Old Men Are Slow

This month the Steak Club 7 paid a visit to Rothman’s Steak House. SC7 suffered something for the first time, we had a member quit. Big Datti Meltzer hung up his steak knife and retired from the crew. The BIG P.A. had a trial run as a new member and made it in. Welcome big guy.

But on to Rothaman’s. I like steak .. A LOT and I like the old school vibe of a place like Peter Luger’s or the Old Homestead. It gives a nice vibe to the meal. What I am not into is a old, rich man’s vibe. It gives of a feeling or arrogance and steak should be for everyone. I knew the moment I walked when I saw the old man lounger singer and all the expensive suits that this was an old man’s steak house.

I had the spinach and Stilton salad, which was quite good but I know the “wedgers” were unhappy with theirs. I’m told the shrimp, scallops and bacon combo was amazing. Then the steak. Oh man, they sure had a great looking porter house for 3. The strip side was fantastic but something wasn’t exactly right with the filet side. I tried a bite of joeC’s strip though and it was really tasty.

The potato, bacon and Gorgonzola croquettes were fantastic and the same for the hash browns. The dessert left room to be desired, the wine list was over priced and the service subscribed more to the tortoise side of the vs. hare theory.

Overall good but not great. 3 out of 5 knives from The Rev



2 Responses

  1. I don’t agree on the croquettes, I thought they were too dry but other than that I’m pretty much right there with ya’. The desert was really disappointing. I wish we’d gone for the Porterhouse for four instead.

  2. Short and sweet on this take on steak…

    Food Catagory:

    Skewered scallops, shrimp, bacon app
    Shrimp cocktail app
    Hash Browns
    NY Strip Medium (HUGE)
    Apple Streudel
    Black Sambucca (Generous Pour)

    Iceburg Wedge (old and tired)
    Steamed Broccoli (wilted)
    Croquettes (dry)

    Service/Vibe Catagory:

    Great table, ample room, excellent lighting
    Outdoor seating with smoking permitted

    Pricey but not too bad
    Service was SLOW
    Drunk dudes in suites at piano for all to hear

    Overall: 3 out of 5 with a decent recommendation if you are in the area…

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