Arthur’s Tavern – Breaking the rules

It’s important to establish rules or boundaries with anything in life. Having a rules, allows for a plan and with no plan, there is no attack. With no attack, there is no victory. Just like anything else, Steak Club 7 has rules and one of them is that you must order steak on an official SC7 outing.

And that’s why sometimes, we go off on solo missions, because rules were made to be broken!

I gathered a few friends and took them to Arthur’s Tavern in Hoboken, NJ. This “old-fashioned neighborhood tavern” is a steakhouse that is rumored not only to be haunted, but also to have the best burger in Hudson County. Hence, going to a steak house to eat a burger.

One of Arthur’s greatest qualities is bigger size for a lower price. Check out the wedge with crumbled blue cheese and the diet coke. That’s he-man sized!

While most of us opted for a salad, Timmytats dove right into what looked like the most amazing bowl of french onion soup I have ever seen. He confirmed that it tasted as good as it looked.

Once the burger arrived, my first reaction colored me un-impressed. Yeah it looks big and its cooked right but it’s appearance was not dressed to impress. When I saw Timmytats’ bacon covered burger, I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong menu option.

However, everything changed once I cut in half and realized that a 6’3″, 225LB man like myself did not have hands big enough to wrap around this ground meat sandwich of lore, things started to look up. My medium rare burger with cheddar was more than any man should handle!

One bite was all it took to confirm, this was definitely the best burger in Hudson County and I’ll be damned if it’s not better than anything I have had in New York City. It was big, meaty, juicy, cooked just right with cheddar, lettuce and on a fresh kaiser roll. Truly, truly delicious and I couldn’t stop until all 10 juicy ounces had gone into my mouth.

ALL THIS FOR $6.25!??!?! Color me impressed Arthur’s! YOU WIN.

Great atmosphere, great service, great price, great burger and definitely get the Arthur’s Famous Potatoes but be sure to ask for them well done.

It feels wrong to judge this on the SC7 knife scale, so I’ll go with 4 out of 5 spatulas.


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