Dylan Prime – Who misses the ball when it’s on a tee?

The Steak Club 7 is a machine.  Rarely do we stray from the formula that has been so successful for all these years.  Saturday night was the exception.  A 2 table, 18 person official meeting of the Steak Club in a celebration of the Meat God’s (me) 30th Birthday.

It started off with a surprise gathering of friends in the lounge at Dylan Prime in Tribeca.  After a couple of hours of open bar and some delicious passed around apps (beef wellington, pulled pork spring rolls), we made our way into the dining room.

For those who are long time SC7 followers, you’ll remember that we did visit Dylan Prime once before and it received mixed, if not mostly negative, reviews.  I will say that my rib eye was quite tasty and the mashed potatoes were pretty good, if not standard.  At my table, I will admit the service was less than attentive as we waited for what seemed like an eternity to order and then get the food.

I will admit, that instead of the Chocolate Porterhouse for dessert (a personal favorite of mine) I had some of the delicious birthday cake from Billy’s Bakery that Mrs. Meat God brought in.

Overall, I’d give the food/service/etc a 3 knife review out of 5, but I will give the night 5 knives out of 5.  Thank you to my fellow SC7ers and their ladies as well as my family for a great 30th!

Rich “Meat God”


4 Responses

  1. Although one of the most fun SC7 events with big happy birthday thoughts to the Meat God, yet again, Dylan Prime was overall a huge disappointment.

    The pre-party in the lounge was superb and I loved the apps but that is where it ended. The apps and sides were a let down. Whose lips don’t start to smack at the thoughts of pork belly tater tots?!?!? They were bland and tasteless.

    I split a porter house for 2 with the Big PA but it tiny size made it feel like a PH41. It was undercooked and barely room temperature.

    The service was lacking and with 20 people seated after a complete 2 hour buy-out of their lounge (thank you Mrs. Meat God!) you would think we would’ve gotten a rock star treatment.

    Having said all of that, the Chocolate Porter House for 2 is amazing but I suggest a short jog down the road to Delmonico’s for steak and then hitting Dylan for the CPH42.

    1 out of 5 knives.


  2. I’d eaten here before because a friend of mine had told me about the great fondue appetiser. You can order it with burnt ends – delicious.

    But we’re not here to eat fondue, the bottom line is the steak and this place just doesn’t cut it.

    I didn’t think the service was that bad, but after the Rev pointed out the buy-out of the lounge and the size of our party he’s not entirely wrong.

    Bottom line is this: would I bring my Dad here if he visited and wanted a great steak and the answer is no.

    1 out of 5 knives.

  3. Host a priveat party in the lounge, invite all your closest friends, order as many of the Mini Beef Wellington hors d’oeuvres you can afford….have a splendid time!

    SKIP THE DINNER, it’s just not worth it.

  4. Awesome party – love celebrating the birth of the Meat God. That said, I thought my steak was just ok. Not bad, not great – just ok. Great lounge though, highly recommend hanging out there. Dinner though, I’d rethink that thought.

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