Harry’s Steak – Wall Street is the new Texas


Suddenly the NYSE collapses under the greed of capitalism and what is the result? Great steaks on Wall Street! Who knew? Truth be told, these places have always been there but now that noose’s are the new 3 martini lunch in the financial district, area steak houses are reaching out for audience. Little did they know, they would find STEAK CLUB 7. What better way to prepare for the most pivotal presidential election of our lives? Living off the fat of longhorns.


After extensive research, the Meat God chose Harry’s Steak, not to be confused with Harry’s Cafe, owned by the same people at the same address and even physically connected. But in the back, you will find  a subtle yet slightly rustic steak house.  The ambiance was great and although very slow paced, the wait staff was quite friendly.

The steak sauced, served in a resealable mason jar, was so delicious and spicy that we went through 4 rounds of bread. On the positive side, we ate a lot of great sauce, on the negative side, it took 4 rounds of bread before we got bored and anxious.


The House Cut Canadian bacon on the bone was quite delicious although each of the 3 plates of it we ordered, was cooked differently. Regardless, delicious. The wedge salad looked monstrous but I went with the special salad of dried cranberries, cut pears, red leaf and frisee with basalmic. The seafood platters were massive and from the way Saltymoore smiled, its safe to assume pretty damn good.


As the norm, I split a Porter-House For 2, this time with the meat god and it was prepared perfectly. Any steakie worth their weight in melted sinew will agree, to err on the side of undercooked is preferable to err on the side of overcooked. Our medium rare was rare and it can be described as nothing less than the meat version of butter. Amazing.


Sides were iffy at best and beg the question, how do you do a steak so right but undercook hashbrownws? They are supposed to be crispy and savory. What a let down.


Rounds of desserts to follow along with toasted coconut samples.


The steak was a total home run but the slow service, pricey tab and unworthy sides would send me else where.

I vote 3.5 of out 5 knives and I’ll see you at the polls tomorrow.



8 Responses

  1. I had an amazing Porterhouse with The Big PA! I haven’t shared a PH in a long time, I got to the point where I felt like I was eating a crappy steak. Last night at Harry’s, that all changed. One of the best Porterhouse’s ever! Thinly sliced filet & strip, it was a bit undercooked for me (ordered Medium, came Medium Rare), but it was delicious.

    I thought the sides were good, I didn’t load up on them though, just had a taste of each. I liked our little corner table and the highlight was the spirited McCain/Obama conversations! Still not sure who Matt is voting for but it might be The Meat God.

    Quality of Evening with the SC7 : 4/5
    Quality of Laughs: 4/5
    Steak: 5/5
    Sides: 3/5
    Price: Too expensive
    Service: (I thought was good) 3.5/5
    Dessert: 3/5

  2. When fellow SC7 member Jon Landman gifted his November pick to me in celebration of my 30th, i took the responsibility quite seriously. After hours of research, i decided to gamble on a little place called Harry’s Steak in the financial district. I was and still am very happy with that decision.

    Among the highlights for me were the bacon appetizer, the Portherhouse that Rev and i shared and of course, the “Make Your Own Sundae” that i finished the night off with. I thought the shrimp were delicious, and the Wedge was great as well.

    The hash browns could have been better but the Mashed was solid as was the Broccoli Rabe.

    With the November Steak Club taking place on the eve of a historic election our conversation naturally turned to politics (What happens at SC7, stays at SC7), but i was happy that despite our political differences, we could all agree that we love Steak.

    Make sure you vote and congrats to the Rev and Cara in advance of their nuptials.

    3.9 knives out of 5.

  3. They’re not saying “moooooooo”; they’re saying “booooooo”!!!

    Well, I was anyway. My steak on the other hand was moooo’ing. I 100% agree that I would rather lean toward rare than well done, but c’mon. We’re talking about a filet.

    I am a filet guy. Filet is very difficult to cook to perfection and I understand this. However; it is difficult to cook because it is easy to OVER DO a filet and dry it out. When I get a bad filet, it is normally because it is overdone. To me, getting a filet that is completely UNDERDONE shows a complete lack of attention to detail. Was the steak cooked with zippo?
    As always, a great time, but I would not recommend this place.

    Quality of Evening with the SC7 : 5/5 (this never changes)
    Quality of Laughs: 5/5
    Steak: 2/5
    Sides: 4/5
    Price: Too expensive
    Service: 3/5 (Waiters were great. Had to wait to long for every part of our meal)
    Dessert: 4/5


    I really enjoyed this joint. Old school, charming, quiet, private, and sprinkled with a couple Wall Street “Class A” douche-bags obnoxiously drowning their daily losses in scotch at the bar (always love to see that).

    There are many items from the menu that I felt honored to consume with my SC7 brethren; however it really all comes down to one selection at the end of the day: THE STEAK. Truly succulent, visually stunning, crispy on the outside, pink and juicy on the inside, optimal temperature upon delivery to the table, and flavors that get deeper and more robust with every single bite…simply spectacular!

    Recommendations: Broccoli Rape (spicy and complex), Mashed Potats (creamy and flavorful), Shrimp Cocktail (Jason Giambi steroid injected massive!)

    THIS WAS A GREAT STEAK FOLKS (and for the record, I rarely opt for -nor appreciate- the NY Strip served bone-in, this one changed the game)!!!!

    Quality of Evening with the SC7 : 4/5
    Steak: 5/5
    Sides: 4/5
    Price: ($150 per head with a cpl bottles of wine for table) definitely on the higher end…
    Service: 4/5
    Dessert: 3/5

  5. I gotta go with the less enthused on this one. The steak, granted, was superb, but it’s the whole experience that you have to comment on I think.

    I was disappointed with how long everything took, the apps seemed to take forever and the steak a while too (particularly baffling as everything was undercooked), but the biggest pain was the time between dinner and the deserts. It’s not like the joint was busy either, there were two dudes at the bar and only one other table in use, but I’m guessing they share the kitchen with Harry’s Cafe which was likely much busier.

    Maybe we were spoilt by Bobby Vans but I also think considering the place was as empty as it was and that the waiter heard us talk of the Steak Club 7 at various points that none of the deserts were comped, or a round of drinks at the end. That would have been normal restaurant practice especially on a cheque as large as ours by the end of the night.

    Massively disappointed by the hash browns, not sure how you can screw that one up really. The broccoli rabe was whatever, the creamed spinach pretty good. The mash was fine but really how hard is it to make mash?, and at a tenner a serving I’d expect it to be good.

    All that being said though, as I said at the start, the steak was wonderful. In fact just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. The serving size on the Porterhouse for two was wonderful, I hope Jon agrees with me on that. It was sliced to perfection and very tasty, both the strip side and the fillet side. I’d usually go for medium-rare but I was equally happy with the medium that Jon suggested, I got my way though as the kitchen clearly has no idea about correct labelling when it comes to their steak as previously noted in the other reviews.

    I was so full by the time the deserts came round that bluntly they could have been the second coming of christ and I wouldn’t have been able to tell so I’d rather not comment on how good they were beyond the Rev’s satisfied face whilst tasting my bread pudding.

    I love these boys I share the SC7 with and it’s always a joy to spend the evening catching up and shooting the shit so my knives rating is for the food only.

    So here it is, lower than the steak really deserves, but for a $152 evening I expect consistency across the board-

    3.5 knives out of 5.

    Oh, and I didn’t vote, coz despite being a US taxpayer for seven years, I’m still Johnny Foreigner.

  6. Went to Harry’s for a private party. Service was impecciable, staff was courteous and friendly. I can only say best wine list and steakhouse in NYC. Food was tremendous, starters were clams, lobster tails and jumbo shrimp plus canadian bacon. My main course was NY strip cooked to perfection.the sides were mashed potatoes and cream of spinach and hash browns simply outstanding . The house steak sauce was fantastic. Beautiful decor, nice size bar, overall a great time and i would definitely return

  7. I have been in Harry’s for a business dinner. We start with a fresh and incredible seafood tower (shrimp are huge!), clams, king crab legs, oysters and also Canadian bacon. My main was fillet mignon and it’s served on the bone, I have to admit that was one of the best steak i ever had and Harry’s has an impressive wine list (one of the best in NYC). The sides are meant to be family style, personally, i recommend cream spinach, mashed potato and broccoli rabe. Service is very attentive and friendly. It’s a beatiful place, nice decoration and I had a great time. Highly recommended!!!!

  8. I have to agree with the Big PA on this one. For such a slow empty night, you would think the service at Harry’s would have been more attentive.

    And Henry520 does make a great point though, the steak is delicious. My fillet was superb.

    I’m giving it 3.5 knives out of 5.

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