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Soledad – Private Steak Restaurant on River North of Buenos Aires – Solo Mission

About 20 miles north of Buenos Aires, you will find the town of Tigre. It’s a very unique town as it’s on an island and lies at the mouth of the Paraná Delta. With the exception of the very small downtown area, there are no roads and therefore no cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc. The only method of transport is a by aquatic vehicles, unless you’re a great swimmer! My wife and I had heard wonderful things about this unique destination and decided to pay a visit on our honeymoon.

There are several ways to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires. You can of course drive but there are many reliable and easy boat, bus and rail options. The most popular and clean is the Tren de la Costa. It’s a scenic light rail train that runs from the Bartolo Mitre station to Delta and back. It’s mostly intended and used by tourists but it’s a lovely ride along the Rio de la Plata and only takes about 30 minutes

Upon our arrival into the Delta station, we immediately found a water tour kiosk. Unless you are going to gamble at the casino or ride roller coasters at the Parque de la Costa, the only thing to do in Tigre is ride the waterways. You can use the public boat transportation, guided mass tours on a catamaran or you can follow our lead – book a private boat and guide. Trust me; it’s the only way to do it. At $240 pesos (approx $75) per person, its money well spent. No need to book in advance, they have many available boats!



Along the waterways of Parana Delta lies a private restaurant called Soledad. It’s named after the owner’s wife and you can Google search your heart out, you won’t find it. It’s a private residence turned into a waterside steak house and the local boatmen can take you there. Bring cash because they don’t take credit cards and prepare for one the nicest, most relaxing and delicious steaks you have ever eaten.


As you pull up in your boat, you’ll most likely be greeted by Lola, the resident nutria. Nutria’s are large partially aquatic rodents who are only found in South America. Cross a rat with an otter and you have a nutria. If you’re familiar with “The Chicken Roaster” episode of Seinfeld, you know these animals are used as fur knock offs. Don’t be frightened, she is really friendly and loves visitors.


As you pass the resident duck family, you approach the little rustic house. Walk up the stairs where you will hopefully be meet your hostess and chef, Fernanda and the house pooch, Lara. There are only 3 tables and if you are a party of 2 chose the one at the front.



The menu can be ordered pre fixe (locally called “completo”) or ala carte. Completo comes with an appetizer of bread, followed by your choice of meat or vegetable empanadas. For the main course it’s cheese ravioli or, and joeC, you will appreciate this, they only serve “bife de chorizo” or as we call it in the US of A, NY STRIP STEAK! Your lunch includes your choice of soda, juice, beer or your best bet, a full bottle of wine (red or white.) Once you’ve made it through the mountainous and PERFECTLY PREPARED STEAK, a dessert of pancakes with dolce de leche are served and an optional tea or coffee (including espresso!) If you are considering ala carte, let me tell you this first; cost of completo is 80 pesos or about $25 US. Go for it.



Every bite of each item served was like another moment in disbelief. “How did we end up this remote, at this crazy rustic private restaurant eating this amazing meal?” It was a turn of great luck for us but for SC7 followers now consider yourself blessed with the knowledge.

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