STK from ARG at EZE – Solo Mission

After 10 beef filled days in Argentina, it was time to return home. As I approached my gate, blissful thoughts ran through my mind of all the delicious steak I had eaten while there but honestly, I really wanted a piece of broccoli or a nice salad. All beef and no play, makes Rev a fat boy.

I normally stroll through duty free like I am a ghost town as I know the prices are over inflated and its generally items I have no interest in purchasing what so ever but when I saw the ARG stand, I stopped dead in my tracks. Then I saw it. It was right there in the Duty free section. Right between the perfumes, candy and local wines…a fresh beef shop. God bless you ARG Natural Beef, don’t let travelers out of your sights without spreading the word of your steaky goodness.


Fresh cut, raw steaks, right there in duty free. All cuts and sold custom freezer packed to survive those long flights. Unfortunately I live in NYC which means almost no kitchen to speak of and certainly no grill or backyard situation. As much as I wanted the victorious feeling of travelling with steaks as my companion, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It would just be too disrespectful to the steak to bring it home and fry it up in a 6 inch pan in the closet that is supposed to be a kitchen.

I soon shant forget you ARG at EZE and we will reunite and it will be glorious.

– Rev


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  1. How does one apply to be in this prestigious club? Although free time is tough to come by, this is something that has intrigued me for years.

    I have about ten years of Butcher Experience. When I was in 3rd grade my Dad took me to my first slaughter house and there was no turning back. Most of my tenure was spent breaking down quarter rounds and preparing them for Rib Eye, T-Bone & Filet Mignon Steaks, to name a few.

    I loved carrying the quarter of the cow in from the meat truck and hanging it from the Hook the to perform the artistry that is Butchery.

    This site is, like the 1987 Exodus Tour, a MEAT PARTY!



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