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craftsteak new york steak club 7 ticket

It’s been exactly 1 month since the last official gathering of the SteakClub7 and the anticipation has been growing. This month’s selection of craftsteak new york, courtesy of birthday boy; CMoore. We’ve been taking quite a bit of heat for not having tried the place out yet and with branches in Connecticut and Las Vegas, it was long overdue.


Appropriately located in Manhattan’s meat packing district, this new school, artisanal and hip steakhouse has been attracting attention for years.  The excitement was building for 7 hungry men who like their beef. Once settled in we were greeted by Jason, the very charming and friendly host of craftsteak. We were seated in the restaurant (there is also a very plush lounge next to the bar) at a large round corner table along side of the 2 story hall of wine and were immediately aghast at the wide array of cuts available.


The order was placed and the meal began. The service was impeccable. The entire wait staff were cordial, informative, attentive and never over bearing.  I had the Arugula and Fennel salad and it was delicious. Other appetizers included Shrimp, Onion Rings, Edwards Country Ham with Pickled Pear & Almonds, Pork Belly, Smoked Coleslaw  & Tomato Marmalade, potato chips and more. The Country Ham was delicious, the fat back was amazing and the onion rings were damn near perfect.


But even with great service and tasty appetizers, the night was already taking negative turn. No Amstel Light for the meatgod, no Porterhouse for 2 option, they had run out of 2 cuts of the Wagyu and only had 1 T-bone available which sent the Big PA to choose a different cut. It didn’t end there, they were out of the Chocolate-Pecan tart and did not have Black Sambucca available at the bar. Far are we to dictate what should be served but there are a few items that make the SC7 contented and none were available.

But let’s be honest, sides, drinks, apps, service…while all very important, it’s all about the steak! With 3 choices of NY Strip, it was my duty to choose not only the biggest (18 oz) but also the oldest (aged in house 56 days) which if you know anything about aging, is almost unheard of. The taste was unlike anything I have ever had in my mouth before. The cut was succulent and rich with flavor but that is where it ended. My cut was undercooked, barely room temperature and left me unhappy having to pay so much money for such a mediocre presentation. My feelings were mirrored around the table.


The sides were good, especially the au gratin potatoes but the portions were incredibly small. It made them almost impossible to share with each other.  The sauces available were decent, especially the chimi churri but again, SC7 advises you, do not taint your dinner, other than a bite or two, with sauce. A good steak needs no sauce.


The desserts were tasty, especially the “Monkey Bread” (Toffee, Pecans, Rum Raisins & Crème Fraîche) but with the disappointment hanging in the air from the steaks, it was impossible for them to gain any ground. Even an appearance of actor Leonardo DiCaprio 2 tables away didn’t help to make the evening special.


Then the bill landed on the table and congratulations craftsteak new york, you are officially the most expensive meal we have ever had as SC7. In the end, craftsteak new york did not hold up to the hype. The blondie to go on the way out the door was a nice touch though.

Great service, great apps, great sides, great menu but the steak just wasn’t good and for the price, it wasn’t worth it either.

craftsteak new york – nice try but no dice
2 out of 5 knives

P.S. Sorry about the broken glass. Our bad. Mazel Tov.


4 Responses

  1. I can tell you this much, I’m not interested in going back to Craftsteak NYC and I’m certainly not interested in visiting any other establishment run by them in this state or in others. (and that includes Puerto Rico and Guam)

    I had the 56 day dry aged strip and it was tough, cold and lacking juices. I must agree with our illustrious leader, the Rev, that when a restaurant charges premium prices like Craftsteak, then the food better goddamn well be amazing. It wasn’t, not even close.

    1.5 knives out of 5

  2. I’d been to Craftsteak in Las Vegas and remember enjoying the experience. That being said, something told me that this experience was going to be less than stellar before walking through the door. I had the feeling it was going to be a little style over substance.

    I think that feeling largely came from the menu online advising me that my beloved Porterhouse for 2 was going to run at $130 which is substantially more than most other NYC steak houses.

    Still, my excitement grew during the day, the usual banter flowing from my fellow diners over email. Meatgod and I agreed to split the PH42 so all was going to be gravy.

    Well. Not quite.

    First off, as the Rev indicated above, no Porterhouse. Now I’m newer to this than the other boys but correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t a Porterhouse kinda a steakhouse staple? Alright, fair enough, I’ll go the T-Bone, erm, no you won’t, we only have one left and your buddy over there just ordered it.

    Now those that know me know that I’m a passionate guy so at this point I could barely contain my disappointment and I let the waiter know in no uncertain terms.

    The apps were good. I really enjoyed the country ham, the pear was a nice touch, and I loved the pork bellies. The potato chips were a bizarre addition I thought but I enjoyed them too.

    Next up, the steaks.

    The second it was put in front of me I knew that I’d be disappointed. Bottom line – no love was put into the preparation. There was no sizzle in the dish and the thing looked dry and rubbery, which is exactly how it tasted. Epic fail. I could go on put you get the point.

    As noted the potato gratin was delicious and I loved the brussel sprouts with bacon. I was a bit whatever about the spinach gratin and the gnocchi wasn’t anything special.

    The deserts were ok but I don’t think anyone really cared at that stage. I did enjoy the monkey bread but not enough to make up for the crapsteak.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, then came the bill. The term adding insult to injury comes to mind. How can they justify the prices? Well, the decor was lovely I suppose.

    I don’t think the service was anything special, a little forgetful if anything, just ask Matty Winks, but the host Jason was very gracious and accommodating. Maybe he can have a word with his kitchen.

    So all in all, Craftsteak highlights why this website is valuable. If you’re a tourist coming to NY, it would be easy to pick Craftsteak – cool location, flashy website, gorgeous interior. But you’d only go here if you don’t know better. We’ll tell you better. Maybe Leonardo should call us next time he fancies a steak in New York.

    (a pitiful) 1 out of 5 knives
    -Big P.A.

  3. The holidays is a time to be upbeat and cheerful. It’s a time to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives, therefore I’m going to concentrate on the upside of The Club’s visit to Craftsteak…

    The staff was very friendly.

    .5 out of 5 knives.

  4. I hadn’t planned on being quite as harsh on craftsteak new york as my SC7 brethren, however even as I write, I’m having a difficult time generating enough fond memories of last night’s dinner to allow me to accentuate many of the positives. As previously stated, the host and wait staff were warm and courteous and the environment, menu, wine list, and overall vibe of the joint were rather nice. “We are off to a great start!”

    I tend to reserve judgment on an establishment based on two critical factors: service and steak, everything else become “sway factors.” My steak (18 oz, 42 day aged, NY Strip) was so far beyond disappointing that I really do not want to highlight any more items that I found pleasing. The cut was UNREDEEMABLE. Fatty (at least a full ½ inch along the entire right perimeter), COLD, bland flavors, and worst of all…it had an almost rubbery consistency. Steak sauces (there were 4 of them) offered little help. For a $200 per person dining experience, this is not anything that would be tolerated even by the novice steak aficionado. I will still continue to watch Top Chef, but I will likely never dine in another Tom Colicchio establishment, and that makes me sad. High hopes dashed on this one…

    1 out of 5 knives.

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