Meat Box – That’s Jody said …

Are you familiar with the statement “have your cake and eat it too?” The basic premise is that one can have 2 things when being asked to choose only 1. This dream is made reality by the porterhouse steak. The porterhouse, also sometimes wrongly accused of being a t-bone, is a cut of beef that has a portion of fillet and a portion of sirloin, separated by a bone. The t-bone, for the sake of reference is not as thick nor as marbled as the porterhouse. A real steak eater goes for the “PH” as we call it in Steak Club 7.

The porterhouse is a cut made famous by the city we call home, New York and no steak house is more famous for the PH than Brooklyn’s Peter Luger’s. In our humble opinion, don’t bother to pay them a visit unless you are in for the PH. You can order by the number of people at your table.

However, what you can’t order, at least to our knowledge, is a tour of the Peter Luger’s “Meat Box.” Thanks to a recent article in the NY Times, we are now aware of its existence.

PEter Lugers Meat Box from the NY Times

Peter Luger's Meat Box from the NY Times

According to the NY Times article; “A 2,000-square-foot industrial walk-in cooler, the meat box is larger than many city domiciles, and is equally congested, packed from floor to ceiling at any given time with 30,000 pounds of raw, aging meat.”

Be sure get dizzy and click the for a panoramic view of the meat box. Once you’re done wiping the saliva from your mouth, marvel at modern technology and it’s ability to put you in face first in the world’s most exciting fridge.

Wow! It’s like the Willy Wonka chocolate factory is real! Now, if we can only get them to issue 7 golden tickets, of course all of which the Steak Club7 deserves, we could be invited in to see the inner workings of the “Meat Box.”

With that in mind …

Dear Jody Storch,

We here at Steak Club 7 wanted to make you aware of a few things about our unique group.

1. We love Steak
2. We love porterhouses
3. We love you
4. We love Peter Luger’s
5. We especially love Peter Luger’s bacon
6. We would LOVE a tour of your meat box
7. We would love to write a story on the SC7 website about your meat box
8. We would love to come dine with you and share it with the world in attempt to spread the cheer and joy of the Peter Luger legacy with all of the world

Thanks and love

Steak Club 7
P.S. Peace and joy to all this holiday season. May Santa, Hanukkah Harry, Papa Noel, Jack Skelington or Peter Luger’s bring you good tidings of steak to you and your family!


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