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The Strip House

striphouse022709ticketThere’s been a few months of disappointments for the boys of Steak Club 7.  Craftsteak was laughingly bad and Peter Luger’s (Freddie Kruger’s) just uninspiring and bland.

What a shame then, that a stunning return to good steak had to happen when we were light Salty Moore and The Rev.

So it was the SC5 that convened for February’s trip to the promised  land and Captain of the month Matty Winks took a slightly easy and surefire pick and went for the Strip House.   Glance to the top left hand corner of the page and you’ll see that the fellas rate this one highly and sitting there on that cold February night it was clear to see why.

It’s a cool looking joint is the Strip House, deep reds and old style photo’s on the wall bring a time long since passed to mind which would be better suited to some Sinatra and Dean Martin, maybe a little Tom Waits moreso than the dreadful dance music that they insist on playing.  I remember that from the last time I visited this spot, still as soon as the food starts coming you forget such shortfalls.

We all like a bit of bacon, as regular readers will attest so we ordered two helpings of their bacon served with a side of lettuce.  There was enough bacon to go around and while the taste was good, it was a little fatty for my tastes, in fact a lot fatty for my tastes, not that it stopped me tucking in though which it clearly didn’t.  As tradition would dictate, we also ordered some of the jumbo shrimp which we all had a go at.  I was a little so-so on the shrimp although I seemed to be the only one so perhaps it was just my excitement for the main course.


As is usual, I opted for the porterhouse for two, which I shared with the Meat God.  In New York steak houses the porterhouse is usually delivered to the table cut into somewhat thin slices.  At the Strip House though the whole plate was delivered to the table uncut for us to approve before being taken away again to cut.  Whilst this was a nice touch, it did contribute to the steak finally being served a little colder than I’d have liked, something the Meat God commented on too.


We also felt that the whole porterhouse looked a little small, but I must admit, by the end of the meal I no longer thought we’d been shortchanged on the size.  The meat was cooked perfectly to our medium-rare specification and the taste was simply wonderful, actually, I’d go as far as to say it was spectacular.   I don’t know what they do to the meat before cooking but there is a crust which is out of this world taste-wise.  You simply must go and try it for yourself.

Enjoyed with the steak were goose fat crisp potatoes which were about as close to the traditional has browns you’ll get at this place.  Very tasty indeed and I’m a big fan of using goose fat to crisp up yer spuds as my folks have been doing that for years.  We also went for Potatoes Romanoff  whcih were quite delicious.  On the green side we went for superbly prepared broccoli and the ‘black truffle’ creamed spinach which all felt was a little too heavy on the truffle oil.  Added to that we also went for some creamed corn which I really enjoyed.


Did I manage to convey how good the steak was?  Good, then I’ll move onto the deserts.

Another win on this score I’m happy to say.  I had the caramelized banana tart which I though was lovely but for some reason none of the others fancied trying.  There was also a couple of orders of their brownie which again was better than your average.


The service was certainly up to scratch but as the place is small and a little noisy I never felt like the service was that personal.  Don’t get me wrong, very efficient and friendly but I don’t this this place is going for the same kind of waiter that a place like Bobby Vans has.  There’s not enough room between the tables for that to be any different really.

All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Strip House and I’d say it’s a worthy inclusion on the Steak Club 7’s NYC top five.

9 out of 10 knives, could have been higer save for the dodgy shrimp and fatty bacon.
– The Big P.A.

2 Responses

  1. Let’s talk about the only thing that mattered here…the premium cut, perfectly cooked, impeccably salted and ideally tempered NEW YORK STRIP steak from The Strip House.

    Sure…all the bells and whistles accompanied the main event, from the flavorful shrimp cocktail and ample side dishes to the brownie covered in rich, creamy vanilla ice cream, I was never dissapointed.

    This steak stood out! After several months of disappointment after disappointment (Craftsteak, Luger’s, etc…) in SC7, it was really nice to sit back and truly appreciate a well crafted steak that just left you wanting more.

    Pros: All the food
    Cons: Price, service, being forced to check your coat

    8 out of 10 knives

    – joeC

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