Christo’s – So Far, So Good.

chistos steak club 7 ticket

We’re a large bunch of guys and pretty busy too, so when JoeC chose a Christo’s in Astoria, Queens, NY, I thought for sure there would be upheaval from the rest of the SC7. Of course when Jon offered to drive, that kept people quiet. I myself hopped the N train and rode out to the Ditmars Boulevard stop, the last one on the line. After an easy 30 minute ride later, I arrived in what is a very Greek section of Queens and walked the 10 blocks to Christo’s.


I was the first to arrive and could not have been more excited when I was greeted by a porch side view of what was in side. A Steak window display!!


Then you cross into the restaurant and are immediately met with a cold locker of the cuts.


Oh man! I knew we were in for something good. You have to have some balls to display the meats. Its like boasting about yourself. So bold, I love it. After a quick cocktail at the bar, we were sat a corner table and were immediately served grilled bread. Not just fresh, but actually grilled white and whole grain bread. What a move! It came with a delicious olive tapenade, which normally I would avoid but it was delicious. We also asked for some of the house made steak sauce which was really good due to a heavy hand on the horse radish.


After our very attentive and friendly server ran down a list of specials, we posted our well crafted attack of an order. All the standards plus some specialized Greek dishes and a request for the not-included-on-the-menu-bacon. Shrimp Cocktail, Boston Leaf Salad with Pears and walnuts, Sliced Tomato and Sweet Onion salad, Alaskan Jumbo Scallops, Loukaniko (Grilled Greek Sausage) Fried Calamari and some sort of bizarre lamb filled egg roll. I thought it was an overtly large salads and starters menu but the SC7 is a hungry bunch!


The sausage was fantastic. It wasn’t too spicy nor was it too mild but it was filled with taste. My Boston leaf salad was fresh and fantastic and lamb rockets were delicious. I thought the Meat God was going to make out with one of the shrimp the way he was smacking his lips while eating them. A brief pause in the meal and the main and side courses arrived. That’s when I realized just how much food we had ordered.


The hand cut fries were OK but honestly in the wake of all the other tasty sides, something had to finish in last place. In first place tie, the Au Gratin Potatoes and the Parmesan Risotto were hard to beat. The rice was cooked perfectly in the creamy sauce of the risotto was damn near magical. The Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic was really good as was the Rigatoni Al A Vodka. I didn’t have the Creamed Spinach or the Lobster Mash but they both looked great.

The evening was on a role, setting up what could be a big victory. Many of our recent visits to Steak Houses have ended in a fail due to a poor steak. Could Christo’s set themselves apart? The look and the smell alone shortly confirmed, yes, yes this was a good one. The Big PA, Meat God and I went in a on a medium rare Porterhouse for 3.


I dug into the strip side first. It was cooked to perfection and it tasted pretty good. Not too much salt, no overbearing spices, just a nice flavor filled piece of steak. With no hesitation and a lot of anticipation, I bit into the fillet side. Oh my god! It was so good. The taste, the texture, the temperature…it was all right on the money. The bite melted in my mouth and I ripped through the rest of the piece. Christo’s had done it. They held it together and made an all round delicious and tasty meal.

As we sat licking our lips, loosening our pants and sipping through a few after dinner coffees and cocktails, the waiter asked if we wanted anything from the dessert menu. That is the moment when I realized how much we ate. Not because I felt full but more so, the Meat God did NOT order his usual ice cream sundae. As we reveled in the afterglow of our meal, the waiter showed p with 3 dessert plates, compliments of the house! Wow. What are you going to do? Say no!?? Of course not! We dug right into the Filo Dough Tiramisu, Chocolate Bottomed Vanilla Creme Brulee and the Sheep’s Milk Yogurt.


The Tiramisu was the clear winner. Not that the other 2 were bad but the Tiramisu was phenomenal. The Filo was so light and crispy and the cream was decadent. I highly recommend it to anyone planning to dine at Christo’s.

And just when we thought we were having a night with no downers, Jon announced he would not be driving back into the city and the rest of us had to find our own way home. As the rest of the 5 of us live no where near each other, it was the N train back into the city. I would love to tell you we had a rousing conversation on the ride back in but I would be lying…


It’s too bad Christo’s is so far out because it was damn good and I would easily return. If they were on the island, or even closer in Queens, I would not hesitate to return whatsoever. The service, atmosphere, staff and food were all great. To prove my point, I got a call the next evening that JoeC had left his credit card behind. His response “too far out to get it.

4 out of 5 Knives


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  1. Wow! What a great review by my good friend Rev.!!!

    Seriously, he nailed it with a perfect description of a lovely evening. I’m glad my pick came through…as dragging everyone to Queens for a sub-par meal would have landed me in hot water.

    All the descriptions above were spot on so I will describe my personal choices.

    Firstly, the seafood apps were STELLAR. Scallops melted in my mouth and were perfectly cooked and the shrimp cocktail were true “Yankee Steroid” size with a nicely cooked, flavorful, firm texture.

    The lobster mashed potatoes served in a half lobster were special. Really rich and filled with HUNKS of fresh lobster tail.

    My Rib eye looked and tasted amazing. A great cut with an excellent char on the outside and a really nice and pink center. Not loaded with seasoning so it was all pure steak goodness.

    Everything was really solid…but it’s further than I would usually venture for a steak. Case in point…I still haven’t retrieved my credit card. Oh well…

    4 out of 5 Knives

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