Buenos Aires Restuarant -Switch Hit Home Run

The month of April found the Big PA in charge of choosing our destination. He has a pretty good batting average so we were a little surprised when he went off the standard NYC style steakhouse course when he picked the Argentinian style parilla, Buenos Aires Restaurant. I am a huge fan of Argentinian Parilla, but when we tried this at Azul Bistro, it didn’t receive winning results. None the less, feed me.


Even before we were all seated, the waiter brought over some cured ham and cooked eggplant, compliments of the house. That is a great way to start any meal! The ham was really good but I didn’t try the eggplant.


While we waited for the Jon and the Meat God to arrive we took the liberty of ordering empanadas for the table. We got beef, chicken, ham and cheese and my favorite, corn. Matt demanded his own plate and who are we to say no? GO MATT!  The empanadas arrived just after the other guys got to the table. They got devoured so quickly that we made a 2nd order. All of them were delicious but the meat empanada was far and above the favorite. These are the most authentic empanadas I have in NYC.


Next up, spicy chorizo sausage with peppers. Were they good? HELL YEAH THEY WERE AWESOME! Just like the empanadas, we ordered more. While we scarfed down the appetizers, we plowed through a couple bottles of one of my favorite wines, Trumpeter from Mendoza in Argentina. I have not seen this anywhere outside of Argentina, so I definitely took a couple of extra sips!


While we waited for the steak,  the Big PA and I took pleasure in watching the grill master cook all the meat as we had a perfect view from our seats. Every time a steak came off the grill, we were like 2 dogs waiting for a treat. Noses in the air, mouth salivating and eyes glazed over. Then the magic moment…7 bife de chorizos espcial (24 oz strip steaks!) arrived which marked a magic moment for SteakClub7, we all ordered the same steak!

Holy moses! This was the biggest strip any of us had ever seen! I kept thinking there is no way this is cooked correctly, which for me, was medium rare. It is next to impossible to cook a hunk of meat this big perfectly. I was betting it would be over done but then I sliced it open and much to my surprise, it was cooked perfectly. As was everyone at the table!


We all dove face first into our steaks. MMMM so good. I was just amazed. Then I tried a couple bites with the chimichurri sauce they had placed on the table. OH MY GOD! SO GOOD! The steaks were so big and so good but not a one of us was able to finish them.  CMoore’s dog cowboy was looking at one heck of a doggie bag!


Then it came time for dessert and right after I said “there is no way I have room for more food” I ordered a bowl of the dulce de leche ice cream. It was so thick, creamy and rich. I don’t know what I was thinking but damn it was good.


All in all, a great steak indeed and a fun departure away from the standard. Not only that but some of the most friendly and attentive service I have ever received at a restaurant.  I highly recommend this place!

Que bueno! 4 out of 5 knives!



3 Responses

  1. overall, this is was a great meal…i thought the service was a bit slow and the appetizers were just ok, but the steak was delicious and one of the largest to date, while on the flip side, the cost was reasonable.

    My biggest issue is that Buenos Aires (The restaurant, not the country) has the most uncomfortable seating ever experienced by MG and SC7.

    Dessert was also amazing, although they didn’t have the requisite hot fudge sundae.

    Really enjoyed it, would recommend to the casual meat eater, but not sure I’d run back if i had a steak craving.

    3.75 knives out of 5

  2. First of all, allow me to correct my colleague’s previous comment that Buenos Aires is indeed a city in Argentina and not it’s own country. He is the MEATGOD so he always gets a pass when it comes to geography.


    This place is solid. I would recommend it for a small (4 person max) dinner as well as the perfect “stuff your face date night” destination. It’s not really built for large groups featuring large men (i.e.: SC7) but the vibe is great and the food was delicious. Their strip steak especially is among the biggest I have ever seen and was cooked to perfection.

    Highly recommended. Nice job BIG PA!

    4 out of 5 knives


  3. Although I’m sorry that the Meat God suffered a sore bum from the seats at Buenos Aires I’m glad that the general response was as good as it was.

    It’s a daunting prospect choosing the location for a Steak Club 7 outing. I’d considered the easy route, a swift return to the Strip House perhaps or my dear Bobby Van’s but experience is where it’s at and I’d heard good things about this place so off we went.

    The ham and eggplant served from the house was a nice touch and the bread on the table was fresh and delicious. We probably overdid it on the apps but honestly, you should visit this joint just for the spicy sausage. Matty Winks and I would have been happy ordering that over and over. I don’t know what Meat God is talking about with the apps being just ok, I loved them! And Empanadas before a steak was a wonderful change.

    The roar of laughter which greeted the delivery of our steaks was absolute. The size on the things was stunning and the taste was delicious. In fact it was delicious the following night too as the thing was so big I couldn’t finish it in one sitting.

    The steaks did take a little longer to come out than I’d like but it’s obvious that care and attention was put into the correct serving temperature we’d each requested so I’d rather wait and have everything as it should be than get under-cooked or God forbid over-cooked steaks.

    At the end the waiter asked id the restaurant had met our expectations and I really got the impression he cared.

    Bottom line is, this place is run with pride. I’d agree it’s probably better for smaller groups due to the size of the dining area but it’s a certain recommendation from me.

    4 out of 5 knives.

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