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Welcome to May, month of the Meat God! When he picked the old school Knickerbocker Bar & Grill, we thought it was a very interesting choice. Old school restaurant, not exactly a steak house, live music…not exactly our norm. But when I saw they had Amstel Light on tap and the words “Everyday is Sundae” on the menu, there were no more questions!

The Knickerbocker, located in NYC’s Greenwich Village, right near NYU, has been in operation since 1977.  It’s 300 year old marble bar has become a favorite hang for celebs like Rachel Ray, Paul Sorvino, Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere and more (or so says they’re website!) With a grill that stays open until 2 am and an actual piano bar, the Knickerbocker has definitely carved out it’s place in the myriad of NYC restaurants. Serving a slightly older crowd, you can tell it has stood the test of time.

Knickerbocker 051309 021

After selecting a tasty Balvenie 12 year old scotch from the piano and a bottle of Penfold’s “Bin 32” Shiraz from the wine menu, I was ready to be fed! Kudos to the BIG PA for suggesting a Burger for an appetizer, seeing as he wasn’t a part of the SC7 when we used to do that every time. In fact, my love for burgers grew into it’s own website! Check out our sister blog; Burger Conquest.

Knickerbocker 051309 022

We nibbled on the warm and delicious cornbread that our fantastic server, Patricia, placed on the table while we perused the menu. The rest of the guys ordered up a shrimp cocktail as well as some salads and we were off to the races.  Awwwww yeah! My favorite salad – Frisee with roasted garlic, pancetta and blue cheese, I was so excited. The other guys all went with the traditional wedge. My salad could’ve used a little more garlic and pancetta but really I would just be asking to push the envelope.

Knickerbocker 051309 024Knickerbocker 051309 025
Knickerbocker 051309 026Knickerbocker 051309 029

The “black angus” bacon cheese burger arrived and we split it into 6 pieces (I took 2!) so we could all share. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare and looked amazing with the cheddar and bacon cooked on top. One bite, 2 bites, give me another piece…yeah looks are revealing, this was a great burger. It was full of flavor with a nice juiciness to greasiness balance served on a toasted brioche. A clear winner.

Knickerbocker 051309 027Knickerbocker 051309 033

Known primarily for their t-bone steaks, the Knickerbocker serves them for 1-4 people. As the Meat God, the Big PA and I asked for a t-bone for 3 served medium rare, Patricia let us know that it isn’t on the the menu, but they do offer porterhouses if you know to ask for them. With our newly gained knowledge, we asked for a porterhouse for 3! Joe went with the tenderloin and Matt asked for his standard, the filet.

Knickerbocker 051309 034Knickerbocker 051309 035

The steaks arrived and we’re looking pretty good, especially the PHF3 as it bathed in it’s own juices. The macaroni and cheese, another off menu secret, loaded with bacon and peas, arrived along with the steaks. While Patricia kindly served up slices of the strip and filet sides of the PHF3, we passed around the mac. One bite revealed it’s rich and delicious flavor. I definitely had to go in for a 2nd helping.  The steak, served with mashed potatoes and onion rings was calling my name. A few naked bites of steak were followed by a few bites accompanied with the smokey burnt teriyaki tasting house steak sauce. It had an interesting flavor and certainly wasn’t bland but something about the Knickerbocker secret Porter House tasted different than most. Was it their seasoning? Was it their aging process? Was it their preparation? I couldn’t really place it.

Knickerbocker 051309 037Knickerbocker 051309 038
Knickerbocker 051309 041Knickerbocker 051309 036

As we asked Patricia for a 2nd but different bottle of wine, she quietly helped us around the wine menu between the good, the bad and the ugly until we ended up with a Grand Reserve Malbec from Argentina. The mashed potatoes were thick and creamy. The onions rings were string style and were a savory addition to the meal. A few more bites of steak and we killed the PHF3. Matt, never getting enough food, god love him, placed an order for the truffle bleu cheese fries. Bursting with salty flavor, the fries were good (as noted by a happy thumb buddy) but a little too much for my tastes, especially after all we had just eaten.

Knickerbocker 051309 044Knickerbocker 051309 046
Knickerbocker 051309 042Knickerbocker 051309 043Knickerbocker 051309 050

Up next, the Meat God’s favorite part…dessert! He and Matt went with hot fudge sundae and the Big PA ordered up the banana pudding in his best English born accent, to which we asked Patricia to say it back trying to imitate him. “BUH-NAH-NAH” we all said together and laughed. As Joe was about to order up his own sundae, Patricia looked at him and said “you look like the kind of guy that might like our special off menu dessert, the cappuccino pie.” Joe looked at us mouth agape and then back to Patricia. “You definitely know who you’re dealing with. I’ll take it!” The sundaes were good, although not really my thing but the banana pudding and the cappuccino pie were so good. Patricia gave us a little cup of dolce de lecehe sauce which I gladly took advantage of.

Knickerbocker 051309 051Knickerbocker 051309 052Knickerbocker 051309 053

All in all, a good time, a good steak, good sides for a good value but the real outstanding part of our experience was the great service. Just one question, what the hell is a Knickerbocker anyway!?!

3 out of 5 knives


2 Responses

  1. I hadn’t been to this joint for over five years and I remember liking it from before but then again I didn’t really know better so it was with somewhat trepidation that I returned.

    The decor of the place is nice and warm. A cynic would say it’s a little over-themed but I think it’s been that way here for so long that it just is what it is.

    As The Rev has indicated our waitress for the evening was wonderful. Attentive, sharp and not without a little sense of humor, clearly a professional and someone who knows their trade. What a delight it is to be served by career waitstaff.

    The ordering of the burger as a started to split wasn’t particularly some great revelation of mine it’s just that I didn’t really fancy any of the apps on their menu and I can’t be doing with a massive slap of iceberg lettuce which seems to be a steak house standard. I just don’t get the point.

    The burger was delicious but as it was supposed to be a main course I was surprised by how few fries there were to go with it. A shame as the fries were actually really quite good. Back to the burger, it was cooked as requested and was full of flavor and I’ll admit, like the Rev, I had two pieces.

    I thought the shrimp, although tiny, tasted fresh but Joe C felt that he’d had better frozen shrimp so I think opinion might be divided there.

    And on to the steak, we’re used to ordering the Porterhouse for 3 and this was definitely on the large side which was hugely exciting until I tasted it. I just don’t think it was very good. A little over-cooked I think for the requested medium-rare and the consistency just wasn’t what I was used to. It’s not that it didn’t have flavor, I just couldn’t help but feel let down.

    The creamed spinach had no taste at all and I think all agree with me on that as evidenced by the fact that the took the plate away with two thirds of the stuff still on it. The mashed potato was boring but the Mac & Cheese was superb. Perhaps so superb that the other sides didn’t stand a chance, who knows.

    I loved my banana bread pudding although I didn’t finish as I’d filled up by then.

    A great night for the SC7, of SC5 as last night sadly turned out to be. Good conversation as usual and I think I made at least a little headway on the football is the greatest game argument, I now, at least, have Joe C as a powerful ally on that front.

    I also learnt that the second Good Charlotte record sold a whopping 1.4 million!, or was it 1.2? I can’t seem to remember. Still, once you get into the point somethings it doesn’t matter anyway, right?

    2 out of 5 knives
    (but a reflection on the food only and not the wonderful service)

  2. Brilliant work on the previous reviews gents.


    This is not a true steakhouse but it was ultimately very respectable. Knickerbocker boasts a very nice, central location and a relaxed vibe. Ambiance and service were especially laid back which I have come to appreciate after years in uptight/top-end steak joints.

    Food was an official “OK.”

    My petite filet (they did NOT carry a NY Strip which I order exclusively) was…um…microscopic! Decent texture but so small i never felt like i was eating a steak.

    Espresso pie saved the night for me on the food end. Low price was nice as well.

    3 out of 5 knives

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