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Strip Club Solo Mission – Meat Revenge

Twice now, the other 6 lumps in the SC7 have chosen New York’s Strip House on days I wasn’t available.  So when Tom D, a mutual friend of Steak Club 7 included me on the following email, I thought to myself  “Ahhhhhh! Sweet Revenge!”

Gentlemen – would you all be available for an intimate Peter Luger’s dinner on Thursday, May 28?

But wait, I just said Strip House above…Tom suggested Luger’s WTF?? What do you expect out of a guy that lives in LA? Luger’s had no reservations available (thank god. The place might be fun but the steaks are about as mediocre as you can get) Sam threw out the Strip House suggestion. Was it a random idea? Me thinks Sam knew it was not only an SC7 top 5’er but only 2 blocks my office and wanted me to make him Steak Famous. Or it could be because the Strip House is amazing and on the same block as his office, but I really think it’s the former.

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 001

With the anticipation building, Adam and I left the office and scurried to meet Tom for a pre-dinner bevvy. Balvenie Rocks, thank you. One thing you should know about Tommy D, he is the original inspiration of the original Steak Club (there is no blog) so he kind of sort of maybe but not really is like an honorary member of the SC7. Despite his many short comings, he’s a pretty damn great guy and it was good to see.

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 015

Shortly the guests started to arrive and the very attentive staff took us to our table. While everyone was busy with the “hey how are you’s,”  “it’s nice to see you’s” and the “so tell me what you do’s,” I was secretly plotting to take over the the table’s order. Several appetizers were ordered but only those that know, got the Kobe bacon appetizer. Look at this, would you?

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 004

Now look at the beets and shrimp appetizers.

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 003Strip House Solo Mission 052809 005

Now look at the Kobe Bacon again! Who won in that battle?

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 004

Soon the steaks started to arrive. Me and Tommy D split up a Porter House for 2 AKA having your steak and eating it too with a Strip and Fillet all in one. One bite confirmed, this is one of the best steaks in existence. Each one comes with a clove of roasted garlic. It’s enough to make a grown man cry. Cooked to an absolute perfection, juicy, melts in your mouth, full of flavor and just as heavenly as the matrix could make it be.

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 006Strip House Solo Mission 052809 007Strip House Solo Mission 052809 008

Onto the sides, where the Strip Club really pulls out some punches. Sure we got some Steamed Broccoli and Asparagus but that’s for health and / or digestive reasons and they are done up right. We also ordered the Goose Fat Potatoes, Garlic – Herb French Fries, Fried Onions, Black Truffle Creamed Spinach, Creamed Corn with Bacon and the coup de grâce; Warm Garlic Bread in a Gorgonzola sauce, or as I call it, the Garlic Cheese Jenga house! Not a loser in the bunch.

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 009Strip House Solo Mission 052809 014Strip House Solo Mission 052809 011Strip House Solo Mission 052809 012Strip House Solo Mission 052809 013

A little shot, a little wine, a little after dinner beverage and we were ready to plow face first into a Caramelized Banana Tart and a Brownie topped with Hot Fudge and Ice Cream.

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 018Strip House Solo Mission 052809 019

It’s so good in fact, that I am considering walking over for lunch today just to have some more. JD, Sam, Adam, other Adam, Tom, Brent, Jodi, Bill, Rhett, Tommy D — who’s with me?

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 017

Pure decadence from start to finish, the Strip House never let’s you down. But be careful, it’s easy to go over board!

Strip House Solo Mission 052809 020

4.5 out of 5 knives

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