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Smith and Wollensky Grill Solo Mission – 1 Adventure with 2 Ratings

Not to brag, but we have 2 blogs. We eat steak at www.steakclub7.com and we eat burgers at www.burgerconquest.com. Sometimes we do both in the same blog. Some call that gluttonous but we call it righteous.

I recently received a suggestion from loyal follower, Herman T., who was praising the burger at Smith and Wollensky Grill in Manhattan. Smith and Wollensky, a famous chain steak house, first opened at their New York City location in 1977. Since then they’ve expanded to Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and more. This location in particular received a spot of fame from a scene in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

Smith and Wollensky 053009 001

Steakhouses are notorious for having tasty burgers, so who am I to say no? The Grill is located in the S&W building but the entrance is around the back on 49th St. No reservation needed but host extraordinaire, Tim Dufffy will set you up with a nice table, just like he did for my wife and I.

Smith and Wollensky 053009 017

Scattered around the walls of the restaurant are these little gold plates with people’s names on them. They really had no rhyme or reason to placement or significance. I later asked our server and he confirmed, they just get put up. Hmmm. Steak Club 7 plague in the future? It would be our first! I’m just sayin…

Smith and Wollensky 053009 003

We started off with the Smith and Wollensky Special Salad which has mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, grilled potatoes and chopped bacon in a vinaigrette dressing. The bacon was thick and flavorful, although a little chewy. The slightly grilled potato really didn’t add anything, maybe if it had more flavor. I felt like I was eating salad for the sake of having some greens, not because it was delicious.

Smith and Wollensky 053009 004

We ordered the Smith and Wollensky burger, the same way we ordered our bone-in NY Strip: medium rare. They arrived together along with the french fries, creamed spinach and hash brown potatoes we ordered on the side. Everything looked and smelled great. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into all the delicious beef!

Smith and Wollensky 053009 009Smith and Wollensky 053009 010

First bite of the burger had me intrigued. Something was different about this one. Although it looked like your traditional old-school burger, that I like to call “Dad style” but it had a secret I could not pinpoint. The steak on the other hand, not so interesting. The cut was fatty and served just above room temperature which is a huge let down when you are spending that kind of money on an entree.  Steak should be served hot and cooked just slightly under how you ordered it, sitting in a bath of it’s own juices. That way it stays hot, juicy and cooks up just right. No juice, no hot and lots of fat.  The fries were delicious and the wife claimed to love the creamed spinach. The hash browns were pretty good but needed some oomf like grilled onions or some paprika, but overall good.

Smith and Wollensky 053009 012

The burger was a winner and so was the service. Tim came over several times to check in with us. On one such visit, Tim solved the mystery of the tasty burger; they combine ground beef along with trimmings from the cuts of steak to make the Smith and Wollensky burger. You can definitely taste the Fillet cut in the burger and it is darn tootin’!

Smith and Wollensky 053009 013

I polished off my meal with my favorite after dinner drink combination, black Sambucca and an espresso. It’s a great way to round off a large meal.

Smith and Wollensky 053009 014

We made friends with the table next to us and promised to put them up on the blog. Of course we didn’t exchange any contact info, so who knows if they’ll ever see this but at least I am good to my word!!

Smith and Wollensky 053009 015

2 out of 5 knives

7 out of 10 ounces


P.S. Thanks for the recommendation Herman.

3 Responses

  1. Last time I was at S&W on the east side I took Slayer there after their show at Roseland. The food was awful but the kitchen opened back up for us after it closed and we had an amazing food fight!


  2. […] fact about SC7, we’ve been to dozens of New York City Steakhouses, but we’ve never dined at Smith & Wollensky’s as an official outing. I thought this would be the month we caved in, but decided otherwise. While […]

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