Yankee Stadium – 3 Steak Houses and 1 big win

Ahhhh summer! A fantastic time of the year for fun, activities, friends, baseball and steak!! Hence Jon’s decision to choose NYY Steak at Yankee  Stadium for our July SC7 outing. With both the Meat God and Jon’s favorite team, the Yankees, playing both Matt and Colin’s team, the Orioles, today’s day game made for a perfect choice. For those keeping records, JoeC is Red Sox loyalist,  I’m a fan of the ’84 Tigers and the Big PA hailing from the UK, likes Manchester United…and steak.

The day started off at 11:30 am when we all met up at the Ted Turner founded  Ted’s Montana Grill. Although we didn’t eat any steak, seemed like a great place to meet due to it’s central location and having the D/F trains right below the building. We hopped aboard the subway and headed to the Bronx.
Yankee Stadium 072209 002

What do you know, it was Yankee Stadium Free Puzzle day sponsored by Avis. At first we thought was pretty cool but moments later when we realized we would be walking around all day with a giant box, it was not so awesome. I think I may have been the only person who made it out of the stadium still holding the box.Yankee Stadium 072209 006Yankee Stadium 072209 007

First thing’s first and since it was a “day-off” a little stop at the “Retro Beer Cart” for some tall boys of Schaefer Beer. (That’s the Meat God’s sur name FYI.)Yankee Stadium 072209 009

And that lead us right to the always mandatory, Carl’s Cheese Steak. Making it officially, the first steak of the day. Carl’s is heralded by many to be the most authentic Philly style cheese steak in NYC. Me, I go extra wiz “wit” fried onions.  Matt, the man, the myth, the legend, got 2 cheese steaks!
Yankee Stadium 072209 010Yankee Stadium 072209 013
Yankee Stadium 072209 014

It was well into the 1st inning before we got to our seats, hot Carl’s steaks in hand.
Yankee Stadium 072209 012Yankee Stadium 072209 015

That didn’t last long before the desire for more food and drank lead to wandering around the gigantic stadium. We found and perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon sunshine just at the top of the bleachers off the 2nd and 3rd base line.
Yankee Stadium 072209 018Yankee Stadium 072209 019Yankee Stadium 072209 021

Once the grumble demon in Matt’s stomach starts up, there is nothing that can be done until it’s fed. Suggestion; Lobel’s fresh made prime rib sandwich. You’ll find the Lobel’s stand on the main concourse off the 4th base line. You can watch them hand slice and prepare the cuts of beef while you wait in line and thankfully for Matt’s stomach demon, there was no line. He didn’t even stop to look. The steak is served in au-jus style sauce on a simple white roll and with option horseradish, Matt’s favorite. The Lobel’s sandwich, made for steak #3 of the day and it was damn good!
Yankee Stadium 072209 022Yankee Stadium 072209 023Yankee Stadium 072209 025Yankee Stadium 072209 027Yankee Stadium 072209 028Yankee Stadium 072209 029

While the steaks settled in, we watched a little more game. Feeling ambitious, JoeC opted for a waffle cone of frozen yogurt. He asked if I wanted one to which I replied “I’ll just wait until you can’t finish that one.” He said “not a chance” and a few minutes later, I was holding half a cone.
Yankee Stadium 072209 030Yankee Stadium 072209 035

With a 6 to 4 Yankee’s win over the Orioles, it was time to head over to NYY Steak. The half Hard Rock Cafe owned restaurant, according to the website is based on “Council Oak Steak & Seafood Restaurant in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, with locations in Tampa and Hollywood, Florida.” The game ended at 3:45pm and as the stadium emptied, the restaurant began to fill up.
Yankee Stadium 072209 038Yankee Stadium 072209 040Yankee Stadium 072209 041

I have to give the place some credit, they did a great job using the Yankee theme to dress up the place. Baseball diamond shaped appetizer plates, hot mini-pretzels instead of rolls, memorabilia, Yankee’s branded steak knives for big spenders, retired player’s autographs illuminated on the wall and their jersey numbers on the plates. The honey butter that came with the pretzel was delicious!!!
Yankee Stadium 072209 043Yankee Stadium 072209 044Yankee Stadium 072209 046Yankee Stadium 072209 049Yankee Stadium 072209 052Yankee Stadium 072209 070

The meal started off with appetizers of Fresh “NYY Steak Bacon”, “Colossoal Shrimp Cocktail” and the “Onion Ring Stack.” I can’t comment on the Shrimp but the bacon was thick cut and tasty with a strong salty flavor. The onion rings were heavily fried and very doughy, almost like a doughnut without sugar. I definitely enjoyed them in all their overly greasy goodness.
Yankee Stadium 072209 053Yankee Stadium 072209 056Yankee Stadium 072209 058

With just the right amount of digestion time between appetizers and the main course, the big dishes started to arrive. With several choices of steaks and sizes, everyone ordered based on how much they had already consumed throughout the day. I went with a 14 oz Strip steak, as always, medium rare. The steak arrived cooked as ordered. It was a good, flavor filled steak although seemed to have a lack of juiciness. It was better than I expected for a steak house in a baseball stadium.
Yankee Stadium 072209 061Yankee Stadium 072209 067Yankee Stadium 072209 059Yankee Stadium 072209 068

After we all decided upon the sides we wanted, the Big PA went and ordered whatever he wanted. The order consisted of Au Gratin Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Steak House Fries and Fresh Asparagus. The Au Gratin’s stood above the rest here and were cooked just to a point just before the potatoes turned to mash. The fries were crispy and sprinkled with spices, they were good but I had eaten so much at that point, that is was just overkill.
Yankee Stadium 072209 062Yankee Stadium 072209 063Yankee Stadium 072209 065Yankee Stadium 072209 066

With the 2nd most comfortable chairs of any Steak Club 7 event (#1 goes to Bull and Bear) everyone made themselves comfortable after  very full meal.
Yankee Stadium 072209 069

In the end, probably the most fun Steak Club 7 event in our 4 years of operation. All that was missing was dumping champagne on the winning team’s (SC7) heads, so we improvised…
Yankee Stadium 072209 071

As we pulled back into NYC around 7:30, with full bellies and smiles on our faces, at a time when an SC7 event would normally begin, we decided, one more glass of wine at one of SC7’s faves, Bobby Vans. Although we didn’t have any more steak, it seemed the right place to end a very fun day.
Yankee Stadium 072209 072

Carl’s Steaks Cheese Steak- 3.5 out of 5 knives
Lobel’s Prime Rib sandwich – 4 out of 5 knives
NYY Steak – 4 out of 5 knives


P.S. Order your very own “official” SteakClub7 Yankee’s Photo here;


One Response

  1. Ok, the only things worse than overcooked steaks and dry lobster tails are everything and everyone associated with the New York Yankees! Ok, it has been stated. We don’t need to harp on this for the rest of the review. I am a very proud Red Sox fan and that is that!

    On to the day…

    It is a very nice ballpark without question, so there is no need to further elaborate on the setting. Therefore allow me to break down the day into pros and cons. Remember, everything below is simply color commentary as my judgments strictly revolve around the steak and its individual quality and preparation.

    + Buy the cheapest seat in the joint; sit in it for 5 minutes while scoffing down a Carl’s Cheese steak, and proceed to walk around the stadium for the other 8 innings eating great food, drinking beer, and taking advantage of hassle-free, impromptu viewing areas. This is the best part of the park.

    + Short lines for food/drink during a relatively well attended day game.

    + Nice facilities (at least for now).

    + Great bar at NYY STEAK (be prepared, $45 for a martini for me and a Scotch for Dave but that is to be expected) with a nice vibe.

    + Apps were some of the best I had ever consumed (Bacon and the Shrimp Cocktail were spectacular).

    + Sides were top notch (all of them from above)!

    + Great staff!!! Bartenders, waiters, servers, etc… (Especially the few of them that high-fived me on the DL because they saw me decked out in my Red Sox gear)!!!

    – NY logo everywhere! It’s overkill. STOP!!!

    – NYY Steak faces the subway instead of the field (at $150 a person for dinner, of course I would prefer looking at the field).

    – Sadly, my NY Strip was delivered somewhere between Medium+ and Well Done. It’ was a gorgeous cut with lots of great flavor and texture, just on the heat too long. Opting for the surf & turf considering the 1.5 Carl’s Cheese steaks I consumed upon arrival to the stadium, my strip was accompanied by the tail (boiled) of what appeared to be approximately a 1-2 lb. lobster. It too was overcooked and was very bland. I worked hard to spruce it up with as much seasoning and drawn butter that I could infuse into it, but alas it was no cure. Again…quality products…improper execution.

    All in all I really enjoyed my day at the new Yankee Stadium. I have no idea why the old one is gone (there was certainly nothing wrong with it) but I like the upgrades in the new place for sure. When dining at NYY Steak…order everything an octave lower, you will have a better chance of getting what you really want. For a true quality experience, head up to Boston, grab a sausage w/ peppers and onions from a cart outside, and head into Fenway Pahhhhk and enjoy!

    3 out of 5 knives


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