CO 1502 (EWR->LAX) – Solo Mission

Thank you Continental.  Just when I felt I was coming to grips with getting overlooked occasionally for that complimentary upgrade.  Just when I accepted the notion of…”eh, it’s only a 3 hour flight from IAH to LGA, I’ll be fine in coach.”  JUST WHEN I figured out how to use my iPod headphones in that stupid dbl prong input in coach (comp full headset in first) to watch the movie…YOU GO AHEAD AND SPRING THIS ON ME:

Pretty standard first class menu upon first sight from my favorite airline.  Toasted almonds, really nice piece of smoked salmon, 5 different types of warm rolls to choose from, great mixed romaine salad, standard entree plate with heaping portion of mashed potatoes, 2 different kinds of asparagus, and a WHAT??? 14OZ GRILLED MEDIUM (perfectly) NY STRIP?  I mean look at this…


I mean seriously, how did they do it?  Punching it on a grill to sear then finishing it off to perfection in the microwave???  Like, it was really, really good and honestly, I wasn’t even that hungry…but I ate the whole thing and wanted more.

Topped it off with a massive vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries and a cup of coffee and I was stoked.

OK, so let’s be straight, this wasn’t the Strip at Pietro’s…but as far as air travel goes, it was beyond it relatively speaking.  Sure beats that pigeon stuffed hot pocket I had in coach a few months ago.

Well played Continental, I will fight even harder to maintain my high elite status!

5 out of 5 plastic knives!



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  1. […] grilled chicken or pasta but this, this was much better. Much like my fellow Steak Club 7 member, joeC and his NY Sirloin, I had won the Continental First Class meal […]

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