The Parlor Steakhouse – The Gale Force of Cookies

Steak Club 7 events always start the same way; the 7 of us email each other all day about our excitement. We all get hungry and by the time we arrive, we’re practically ravenous. On this night in particular, I arrived on the early and could barely contain myself as I sat at the bar sipping a Balvenie Rocks.

The Parlor Steakhouse, on New York City’s upper east side, comes recommended to us by the attorney I work with for a bar I am trying to open called One Barrel Bar.  In fact, my attorney Peter, is an investor in Parlor and his son Michael, is the owner. To say the deck was stacked, is a gross understatement. Peter joined me at the bar with his wife for a cocktail and a chat. As the boys in SC7 arrived, I introduced us every around and once we were all in the house, the most wonderful hostess Sarah, showed us to our table.

I knew people were hungry when I watched us plow through 2 servings of bread. Either that or the herb butter was really, really good! More like a combo of the two. I skipped out on salad and appetizers but shrimp cocktails, oysters, Caesar and Chopped salads and Garganelli Pasta were ordered by some of the others. I gnawed into another slice of bread while sippin’ on some Scotch.

Parlor Steakhouse 081809 001Parlor Steakhouse 081809 003Parlor Steakhouse 081809 007Parlor Steakhouse 081809 005Parlor Steakhouse 081809 006Parlor Steakhouse 081809 008

Once the apps had finished and the hunger for steak was about to kick back in, the wait staff showed up with some sliders. Now let me tell you something, few things excitement like a burger can (see my other site; Burger Conquest) so I was giddy like a puppy when you first walk in the room! They weren’t on the menu, otherwise I would’ve suggested them so it was a complete surprise. With some kind of shredded cheese on top, these mofos were TASTY and I definitely made sure I was one of the few who go more than one.

Parlor Steakhouse 081809 011Parlor Steakhouse 081809 013

While the flavor of the sliders was still fresh in our mouths, the wait staff showed up with a bountiful cornucopia of steaks and sides. Before we could dig in and enjoy, a storm of such intensity descended upon New York like someone was literally dumping a massive Manhattan sized bucket of water on the city. Lightening flashed, rain soared like bullets, sideways down the streets of the city impaling everything in its path. People were scrambling about the streets trying to get out of this surprise storm. Right then, the floor to ceiling windows on the front of the restaurant blew upon. It was cool to see a storm have that much power but it sucked because we were sitting next to the windows. It took multiple members of the Parlor staff to get them shut.

If I wasn’t thinking “how the hell am I going to get home in this” my thoughts would’ve been focused on the Porterhouse covered in garlic cloves that had just been placed on the table. I had never seen anything like it. Were they trying to warn us about the post meal vampires hidden in the restaurant’s basement or did they just love garlic? No idea, but look at this!

Parlor Steakhouse 081809 017

Our eyes were almost as big as our stomachs, for once! The steaks came along with a sampling of The Parlor’s sauces and although most of us prefer ours with out sauce, we still try em out. The Bearnaise had a nice lite creamy taste and made the whipped potatoes really nice.  The Herbs and Fresh Lime was great too although really didn’t need to go on a steak. So yeah, yeah, what about the steak right? Well as much as it pains me to say it, it was OK. It wasn’t cooked right and was served barely above room temperature. The flavor was less savory than I would expect and in this occasion, to make it to the point, we used more sauce than normal. I feel bad saying it A. because I never like a negative review but also B. the Steak House owners are friends and colleagues. But we have duty to be honest with our readers.

Parlor Steakhouse 081809 014Parlor Steakhouse 081809 023

Having said that, the whipped potatoes were decent, as were the very unique twice baked potatoes. See the picture of what looks like a muffin? Those are the twice baked potatoes! The fried onions were good too.

Parlor Steakhouse 081809 016Parlor Steakhouse 081809 020
Parlor Steakhouse 081809 021Parlor Steakhouse 081809 022

When the servers came to ask the standard “would you like any dessert?” question, we all declined with too full of bellies. A few moments later they showed up with some fresh baked cookies and Blueberry Filled Beignets with Lavender Flower Anglaise and Almond Ice Cream. The latter were very unique and tasty but OH MY GOD, the cookies! THE COOKIES WERE AWESOME. I will admit to being a self-proclaimed cookie fiend but who out there doesn’t like warm, fresh baked cookies?

Parlor Steakhouse 081809 024Parlor Steakhouse 081809 026

All in all a good time but an upsetting steak serving. Much to the credit The Parlor Steakhouse, without us even saying anything, emailed us the next morning and apologized.  They lost a line chef mid-shift which through everything that night for a loop. They invited us back for another tr, but they should be careful what they wish for…we may take them up!

2 out of 5 knives


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