Porterhouse New York – A Savory Steak With a Bitter End

We’ve been doing this for 5 years now. Amazing to think there are still Steak Houses in NYC that we haven’t been to but when new ones open, that gives new life to the SC7. Such was the case with Matty Winks choice of  Porterhouse New York. Located in the Time Warner Center in NYC’s Columbus Circle,  Porterhouse is the creation of former Windows on the World (the restaurant that used to sit atop the World Trade Center) chef, Michael Lomonaco.

Porterhouse NY 091609 031

The Meat God and I showed up on the early side and took at seat at the bar, sipping on beverages while waiting for the rest to arrive.  We made pals with the young lady seated next to us who gave us some tips on ordering. She also gave us a few bites of her aromatic french fries.

Porterhouse NY 091609 001

All good Steak Club meals should start with bacon and Porterhouse delivered the goods! The Thick Cut Apple Wood Bacon was warm, delicious and oh so salty. We each had 2 pieces. Also impressive was the bread selection. Rather than just drop a basket of assorted baked goods, the wait staff came around with a tray filled with multiple choices of bread. Matty Winks did his best to eat one of each, maybe 2!

Porterhouse NY 091609 002Porterhouse NY 091609 007

I followed up my apps with the Wild Italian Salad; Arugula, Roasted peppers, pecorino cheese, Sicilian olives, grape tomatoes. After picking out the olives and tomatoes, I dove in. Fresh greens, savory cheese and nicely roasted peppers.  It’s good to help the digestion of what is about to come.

Porterhouse NY 091609 010Porterhouse NY 091609 011

I didn’t eat any of the shrimp but the general consensus of the table was pretty negative. In fact, I think it ruined shrimp in general for the Big P.A. More on that in the comments.

Porterhouse NY 091609 012

The BIG P.A. and I went for our usual, the Porter House for 2. Ain’t nothing like getting 2 different steaks in one; strip and filet! I can’t lie, it was one of the most perfectly cooked and delicious steaks I have ever eaten. It’s not easy to absolutely nail the selection of meat and then cook it to perfection but the Porterhouse New York delivered the goods! Not a single shred of beef was left on the bone by the time we finished.

Porterhouse NY 091609 017Porterhouse NY 091609 014

Sides are an important part of the SC7 experience and on this fine evening we spared no taste bud. The Macaroni and Cheese was pretty good, as was the sauteed and very flavorful Broccoli.  I didn’t partake in the Creamed Spinach Mr. Pete’s way (covered in chunks of Apple Wood Bacon) but I think everyone else quite enjoyed it. The winner for me were the golden fried Hash Browns. Ain’t nothing like a greasy, crispy fried potato!

Porterhouse NY 091609 018Porterhouse NY 091609 019Porterhouse NY 091609 020Porterhouse NY 091609 022Porterhouse NY 091609 023

It was a great meal and as always a great time with the brethren of Steak Club 7. But alas, this particular “meating” was bitter sweet. Salty Moore announced his retirement from the group. As a founding member of our professional steak eating gang, it was sad news to suffer the 2nd retiree (Big Datti Meltz was #1) but as he was about to go off and be married, we can’t fault the guy. You’ll be missed champ. To celebrate, a rich, chocolate cake and the Meat God standard: chocolate Sundae. Joe, Matt and I went for our usual following move; black sambucca with a single espresso.

Porterhouse NY 091609 026Porterhouse NY 091609 028

Porterhouse NY 091609 025Porterhouse NY 091609 030

4 out of 5 knives


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  1. I would write a review but I can’t remember much about the dinner except stealing that girl’s French fry in the first picture. Ha.

    Honestly though, a few things do stand out about Porterhouse. For example…the bacon was remarkable, the steaks were very solid, and the sides and deserts were at least average. The negatives of the experience reside in the lack of character and ambiance (it is in the Time Warner Center after all), the terrible shrimp they had the nerve to serve, and the $$ next to each item on the menu.

    In short, it’s the perfect place to entertain clients on your Corporate Card if you are doing business in the area. With bros getting together for steaks, there are simply much better choices with great food as well as strong character.

    3 out of 5 knives


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