The Capital Grille – New Restaurant Smell


Yes!  A brand spankin’ new baby boy of a steakhouse just opened it’s doors in Lower Manhattan – ironically across the street from the front door of my new apartment!  THE CAPITAL GRILLE – WALL ST.  Yes, they are seemingly opening new locations everywhere and at what would seem like an odd time, economically speaking.  Not only did they just open a location downtown across from my apartment, but also just opened a new location in midtown across the street from my office (Rockefeller Center).  Maybe the Capital Grille is doing something right?

Capital Grille 102709 003

Ok, so this is a chain.  I have dined in Capital Grille’s in the past in Seattle, San Diego, etc…but this one is across the street from my apartment so I was really rooting for it.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking but…

(Editor’s note) The bread was plentiful and served with a very creamy butter. I ordered the Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing. No where in the description of the item were mushrooms mentioned but the salad itself was 40% mushrooms. Big let down. The bacon was great but the dressing and the hard-boiled eggs were bland. This was not a winning item. – Rev

Capital Grille 102709 002Capital Grille 102709 024
Capital Grille 102709 025Capital Grille 102709 026

Shrimp Cocktail?  Good.  Not the best I’ve ever had but very respectable.

Capital Grille 102709 011

Lollipop Lamb chops?  Unreal.  I love when I order 6 chops (one for each person at the table) and they bring SIX ORDERS!!!!  YES THAT IS 24 chops!  Lucky for us they were outstanding *Please note that Meat God ate 9 by himself!!!!

Capital Grille 102709 004Capital Grille 102709 015Capital Grille 102709 016

Sirloin Sliders?  Decadent!  Prime sirloin (not ground) cooked to perfection in a mini-roll with butter.  This could easily be the meal…

Capital Grille 102709 007

Au Gratin Potatoes?  The best I have ever had!

Capital Grille 102709 034

Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese? Not for me but it sounded like this was also the best version the table has ever had.  Sam’s Mashed Potatoes?  Perfect!

Capital Grille 102709 032

Lyonnaise Potatoes?  Really, really good.

Capital Grille 102709 033

Fresh Asparagus sauteed?  Gotta have some greens.

Capital Grille 102709 036

Fresh Creamed Spinach?  Another winner.

OK, so apps and sides are outstanding.  Now to the main event.  THE STEAK!

Capital Grille 102709 027Capital Grille 102709 028Capital Grille 102709 037

This is not the best steak I have ever had.  My standard NY STRIP MEDIUM.  It’s cooked perfectly, presented properly, and smells AMAZING.  It’s sitting on a very light coating of gravy that captivates me immediately.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth in!  Alas, the flavor is just not there.  The salt hasn’t penetrated to cut and it’s just a bit flat.  I’m told they serve “Choice” steaks as opposed to “Prime” steaks by Big PA and that Choice is just a little lesser than Prime in quality.  Either way, the chef seemed to do everything perfectly but the cut itself did not perform up to expectations.

Capital Grille 102709 040Capital Grille 102709 041

(Editor’s Note) The key lime pie was rich, tangy and exploding with flavor. I didn’t try the Meat God’s Ice Cream Sundae but the fresh berries in it looked amazing! -Rev

Had a great time.  Our waiter (absent occasionally) totally hooked it up from taking all the chops off the bill and accepting all the AMEX $50 coupon offers we brought (x3) to the point that this was a very affordable outing.  Only about $80 per person (pre-tip) which is amazing since we all had scotch, beer, and two bottles of wine!

4 out of 5 knives

Even though I really want to drop an additional point for a lackluster steak, the private room, warm reception, outstanding apps and sides, affordable wine selection, and understanding wait staff & host keep it to a very solid showing for me!

(Editor’s note) While we were posing for some fun pictures, the server came in and asked if he could take a picture



2 Responses

  1. Joe nailed this one on the head. A lot of fun, great vibe and decent food. The server was really, really nice and helpful but we’re needy children and like lots of attention. I would definitely return!

  2. i’m going here for valentine’s day & i appreciate all your pics & thoughts! i can’t wait!

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