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BLT Steak – Guaranteed Solid Steak Experience

We eat steak in or near New York City once a month. As there are 6 of us now in the club, not only does each member get to pick 2 different locations a year but under the new policy, they also get to pick a new friend to join us for a meal. November belonged to the Big P.A. and when I emailed him to ask if he had chosen yet he replied with “Just seriously in the need of a solid steak experience.” You see, it’s a tough decision. Do you look for a location the club has yet to try? Do you go for an old standard? Well for Paul this time, it was neither; “Experimenting is out of the window for me this month.” Not only did Paul go with a place he loves but he told us (again via email) exactly how his night was going to play out…

BLT Steak
has recently been awarded the Best Steakhouse gong in the WNBC Golden Locals.  Chef Laurent Tourondel said “it’s an honour for me to be recognised by the people of New York City.  Thank you to all of our customers and friends who came out to vote and support BLT Steak”.

For me, I’m particularly looking forward to the grilled double cut smoked bacon for appetiser, perhaps along with a shrimp cocktail and I’ll no doubt roll straight into the portherhouse with creamy spinach, braised carrots and hash brown.  Don’t be surprised if I also go for some potato gratin.

The Meatgod will be happy to know that the menu features a chocolate chestnut sundae, I myself will be getting the lemon meringue pie.

See ya’ll there.

Big P.A.

If that doesn’t get your mouth-watering, this review will!! For his guest choice, Paul brought along a true steak fan, our friend Dave who is also known as “Box.” In an unprecedented move, as soon as we invited Box, he invited us to a scotch tasting the same night! What a guy!

After checking in, we were seated right away and before we could say “porterhouse,” Big P.A. was asking our sever if we could get some bacon. I knew we were going large so as much as I tried to stick to one rasher, P.A. was having none of it. He demanded 2 per person. After much melee in deciding upon which sides to order (heads were definitely hungry) the very attentive wait staff showed up with a sampling of charcuterie, cheese bread and pâté. All of which was gobbled up in a matter of moments. I had not had the cured meats at either of the BLT locations before but it was really, really good.

Up next, BLT Steak’s signature pop-overs.  As our server pointed, much to the Big P.A.’s liking,  these are hollow rolls made with egg batter and are similar to Yorkshire Pudding.They are so proud of them that they come with the recipe attached so you can make them at home. They key is to forgetting about counting calories and load these suckers up with the salted butter that they come with or, just stuff in some of the salty cured Italian meats.  Along with the popovers came the most anticipated part of the evening, the grilled double cut smoked bacon.  This is to die for! Covered in what comes across like chimichurri sauce, these little numbers are tangy, sweet and salty. It’s a veritable cornucopia of flavors and absolutely not to be missed while dining at BLT Steak.

In a very bold move, Box ordered lobster claws while the server talked the table into the tuna tartare with soy lime dressing. As I am not a fan of seafood, I did not try either of them.

Having already consumed more food than I had eaten all day, I still got caught in the moment of excitement when the rainbow of steaks and sides arrived. It’s as though a meat tornado swept through the restaurant, picking up cuts of this and plates of that, before settling down on our table. Big P.A. and I split a porterhouse for two, which comes topped with 2 discs of salted butter and a personal fave, a clove of roasted garlic. It isn’t the biggest “PH42” but at 40 oz, it’s still a large cut of beef.  The strip side was moist, filled with rich beef flavor and not too greasy but just juicy enough. The filet side was absolute melt-in-your-mouth divinity. Both sides were cooked perfectly with a nice char on the outside yet pink and juicy in the middle. It was practically a race to finish the steak.

If I had thought it was possible, I would guessed our server was telepathic.  All of our needs were met, our glasses were never empty and she kept suggesting items that were right up our alley. This time it was the massive stack of doughnut sized onion rings. Battered just right and fried nicely, they were so good. I particularly enjoyed the poached green beans that were crunchy and had a great seasoning. The hash browns as well, are always a crispy, savory, crowd pleaser. I tried the cheese filled cauliflower thinking it was mac and cheese and had someone not told me otherwise, I would’ve never know. You could only taste the cheese!! The french fries were good but didn’t really stand out against all the other great items on the table.

With a full belly, a tired jaw and a slight buzz due to scotch and red wine, I sat back in my chair and took a much-needed breath. Savory is my way so when it comes to dessert, I usually opt for my standard black Sambucca with espresso. However, the Meat God, BIG P.A. and JoeC demanded more! Chocolate Sundae, Lemon-­Cassis Meringue Pie / Lemon Sorbet and a Chocolate cheese cake were up next. All of which were nice but the winner for me, as always at BL, are the miniature, fresh-baked, powdered sugar-covered chocolate chip cookies!

This was one of the best steaks and accompanying apps / sides I had ever had in Manhattan. Although you couldn’t possibly go wrong with either, BLT Steak was better than BLT Prime, which I rate in my top 5 in NYC. Cheers to Big P.A. for picking a guaranteed winner and thank you to Box for great company. However, I hope you learned your lesson when it comes to “best comedy movies” ever. That lesson is, don’t bring up the subject.

4.5 out of 5 knives


4 Responses

  1. I have to concur with much of what the Rev had to say. the popovers were a meal unto themselves. you could coat them with sewage and they would have been delicious. also, let’s not forget the fois gras spread that was excellent for either the bread or popovers. i love bacon and the bacon was off the charts! you could start a new resto with just the popovers and bacon — call it “Pop Pig”.

    The tuna tartar was a letdown — it just didn’t have much flavor. it needed a more acidic edge.

    The sides were a mixed bag. the onion rings and the hash browns were pretty stellar, as were the brussel sprouts. I thought the creamed spinach was bland and just not creamy enough. don’t skimp on the fat!

    I shared the porterhouse for two and it was a great piece of meat. just how i like it — charred on the outside, red and tender inside. the best porterhouse I have had in long time, and that is my favorite cut of meat.

    after what was an overall great meal, i ordered the cheese cake. that was a letdown. it was covered in fruit and fruit soup and the cheesecake just wasn’t there. i think they just over-thought what cheese cake needs to be.

    the company was the both the reason i was there and what put the night over-the-top. it was great to sit with guys in the same idnsutry, and we just talked about was food, no shop talk. i will not further comment on the film issue…for the time being.

    Thanks for having me!

    4.5 out of 5

  2. The Rev wrote my review for me.

    I knew this place would be great and bluntly I don’t have much to add to what my esteemed colleagues have said above about the food but I want to also add that the service was spectacular.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the combination of a great meal and great service is wonderful. Our waitress was funny and efficient and not just a little cocky, but definitely added to the experience and a credit to the restaurant.

    Again, what can I add about the food that the Rev or Box didn’t already say. The Brussell Sprouts were wonderful, I’d forgotten about them actually but amazing they were but it really is all about the steak and you’ll never leave this place unhappy.

    Bottom line for me is this. Would I take my Dad there. Yup.

    4.5 knives out of 5.

  3. My wife, Doctor Elizabeth, prepares me a 1 1/2-inch medium rare porterhouse steak at least every other week. And, I must report that her dry aged, perfectly medium rare, steak, along with her sautéed Cipolline onions and baby Bella shrooms are simply magnificent.

    BUT, if she ever, I repeat EVER, set a steak such as that pictured above from, where was it — BLT steak or some such place? — in front of me, she would be served with divorce documents almost immediately.

    Of course, that is why I NEVER eat in a restaurant, unless necessitated by travel or business.

    Carry on, Rev.

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