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Club A Steakhouse

On Tuesday, the 19th of January, SC7 met for the first time in 2010…It was only fitting to open the new century with a maiden voyage to one of NYC’s steakhouses.  As the captain for this month, I decided to try Club A Steakhouse, a restaurant I had never heard of until I found it through OpenTable.  Based on the menu on the website, I thought it to be a great idea.

We were joined this month by Rob McDermott, manager extraordinaire, visiting from Los Angeles, city of Mastro’s.  It was clear from everyone’s early/on time arrival that we were hungry for some steak.  We were seated a corner table, with bob dole looking over our shoulders, with some absolutely amazing decanters.  PA ordered up some thick bacon right off the bat- we got the bacon and while tasty, it was quite salty.  Even with the Club A steak sauce, it was still a bit salty for me.

When the apps came, I was quite happy with the quality and taste of the shrimp and my lettuce wedge with blue cheese and tomato was quite delicious.  As you can see, from the photo, that’s some thick blue cheese!

The Rev and I shared a Porterhouse for 2 which I thought to be pretty good, but not great.  I think Calitri’s steak was the highlight of the meats, as far as I can remember.

(Editor’s note) Check out the sizzle on the Porterhouse For 2! If that doesn’t get you excited and craving steak, you should be reading a different site. – Rev

As usual, we ordered a plethora of sides (1 less than Matty Winks wanted though) – I enjoyed the mac & cheese and potatoes and it was quite generous of the restaurant to pass along some complimentary sides.

I thought the service was quite good and the owner and his staff were very friendly and brought out a collection of desserts and fruit as well some after dinner drinks.

I would definitely go back here, especially with an upstairs cigar lounge- it was a good steak with some great people.

SteakClub7 with Club A Steakhouse owner Bruno Selimaj

I’d say 2.5 out of 5 knives.
Rich “Meat God”

2 Responses

  1. My review is right in line with the Meat God’s. I loved the decor and setting and definitely want to return for cigar smoking. It took the wait staff a good 30 minutes to kick into gear but once they did, the service was excellent. The food was decent. Owner Bruno Selimaj spent sometime with us telling stories of the restaurant’s past and explaining some of the photos. He is really the reason to go back to Club A!

  2. Ok, firstly: “Los Angeles: City Of Mastros”…genius Rich!

    On to the event:

    ~ Bacon: They have it (which is a big plus in my book). Texturally, I felt it was really nice, not ultra-thick-cut [as has become the industry standard] but cooked very well. A tad bit salty as previously mentioned, this element however did not stop me from making two pieces disappear in seconds.

    ~ Other Apps: Great job with my salad (wedge/vinaigrette) and shrimp cocktail (thick, fresh, and cooked perfectly).

    ~ Steak: NY Strip (my standard) cooked M. Very good cut, cooked well, sizable, seasoned properly. Nothing to really complain about with this one.

    ~ Sides: Stuck with the low carb fare which was all presentable…nothing special here.

    ~ Deserts: Espresso was favorable albeit a bit on the “room temperature” side.

    ~ Service: Got better as the meal went on and got some really great comps out of it, which is always appreciated when you are spending $150 per person.

    ~ Décor: Perhaps the best part of the night. Great room.

    ~ 3 out of 5 stars


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