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CO 1503 (EWR to LAX) – Solo Mission

I was sitting in LAX waiting for my flight home. Normally I would order my traditional pre-Continental Airlines ritualistic turkey burger from Ruby’s Diner, but not this time. This trip to LA had been particularly burger intensive, including visits to 8 oz. Burger Bar and Stout. In fact, I had come to the airport directly after eating Pie and Burger.  I decided instead to play Russian Roulette with whatever meal my First Class Cabin seat had in store for me. With hopes for something semi-decent I boarded my flight.

Upon settling in which includes removing my sneakers, popping 2 Atavan and ordering a drink, the stewardess brought me the menu. BOOO-YAAA!!! We have a winner! There it was, Choice #1 in the “MAIN COURSES” section.  STEAK!!! I would’ve been happy with some grilled chicken or pasta but this, this was much better. Much like my fellow Steak Club 7 member, joeC and his NY Sirloin, I had won the Continental First Class meal lottery!

The meal began with a nice glass of red wine and a bag of almonds. I suppose almonds feel a little classier than peanuts but they are definitely healthier. They have a high amount of monounsaturated fat content which can help to lower cholesterol. Almonds are also a great source of vitamin E. While I won’t assume Continental Airlines made the choice for health reasons, I thank them.

Not a fan of seafood, I passed on the lobster and skipped right ahead to the salad and warn bread. The mozzarella balls in the salad were good and I appreciated the dressing was “lite” Ranch. Again, my health thanks you.

However, I did slather nearly the whole pat of butter on my warm and delicious whole wheat role. Thus negating the health benefits of the almonds and “Lite” Ranch dressing. The First Class cabin offered quite the array of warm roll options from whole grain to pretzel, garlic and more.

The moment of truth!! Could Continental Airlines serve up a pre-cooked quality steak meal several thousands of feet in the sky? I was about to find out. The answer my friends, is yes. They key to serving a delicious meal is starting with quality product. Although some of the meals I have been served in coach may lead me to believe otherwise, in this instance Continental did just that. The steak comes from Sterling Silver Meats, a respected distributor for quality beef and pork products.  While the steak was cooked to a temperature higher than my preferred medium-rare, I wasn’t really going to hold Continental to that high an expectation. The steak was made from a quality cut and had a nice, natural, beef flavor. The sauce was good and I must admit, a pat of herbed butter makes nearly any meat taste amazing. Some may call that cheating but I called it delicious! Expecting a dry, flavorless pile of dust, I was very happy to bite into the creamy and flavorful mashed potatoes with broccoli.

Intrigued by my stories of Steak Club 7 and Burger Conquest, my seat mate Dave, decided to join me in my high-flying steak adventure. He agreed, for airplane food, it was beyond satisfactory and very enjoyable.

Dave and I shared a great chat about food, politics, NYC living and many other topics over a few more glasses of “vino tinto” before the big, signature, Continental Airlines First Class Cabin,meal-ending, finishing move! The stewardess, who was really light-hearted and made our flight really fun, looked at me and said “I can tell you know how this works so what’s it gonna be?” I replied “hell yeah I do. I want it all!” Dave looked at her and said “I’ll have whatever Rev is having!”

A few moments later, a vanilla ice cream sundae with hot fudge, hot caramel, hot strawberry sauce, chopped nuts and whipped cream appeared in front of us both. At this point, the memory of a quality steak was lost past gone and replaced with a hot and cold, sweet and savory, bad-for-you but oh-so-tasty ice cream sundae. NOM NOM NOM!!

It’s a move that rivals Rey Mysterio Jr.s Greatest Hurricanrana ever.

Kudos to you Continental Airlines for putting together a decent steak dinner in your first class cabin. Now let’s work on getting some quality vittles happening in coach.

4 knives out of 5

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