DeStefano’s Steakhouse – Definably Old School

After 5 years of running the world’s “#1 steak club” in NYC, finding a steakhouse we haven’t tried is rare (pun-intended.)  There is only so many times you can Google “best steak nyc” or hit refresh on “Best of Citysearch NYC” – Steak category and watch for new steak openings on New York Mag before you just run dry of new ideas. That’s why I got really excited when I just happened to walk by DeStefano’s Steakhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A quick peek in the window, followed by a few moments of research online revealed a cut of old school New York that I was dying to try!

Amongst the new buildings, hipsters and cool new posh restaurants, DeStefano’s stands as modern piece of Brooklyn history. It’s a restaurant that has been family owned, as is the building its in for the better part of a decade. DeStefano’s has a local oriented, family friendly, establishment where everyone is treated like a regular and regulars are treated like family. The walls are covered in local history, family memories and NYC nostalgia and with only a handful of tables, it’s the kind of NYC steakhouse that helps to create the definition.

With a later than normal reservation on 9 pm, we were among the only people in the restaurant. As a result, we had impeccable service from the overly accommodating staff. Something tells me though, everyone is treated that way, regardless of how many patrons are seated within. While we were still making our selections, the waitress came over and said “we don’t serve bacon appetizer but please try our bacon wrapped prunes with walnuts stuffed inside. Admittedly, my first thoughts weren’t that positive and I wouldn’t really call myself a fan of prunes. But after only 1 bite, I was willing to arm wrestle to get a second helping!! Thankfully, no violence was needed! After seeing just how fast they disappeared, the waitress brought over a second plate. Be sure to ask for these!!!

Orders were placed for various appetizers and salads. I got what was essentially a wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon. It was bigger than I expected and I ate as much as I could until I got full / bored. We also got bacon wrapped asparagus, shrimp cocktail and the item I was most excited about – the Short Rib Rolls with Horseradish Creme Fraiche. Covered in a  thin, light, flaky dough, these little numbers were essentially spring rolls stuffed steak, chived mashed potatoes and shredded carrots.

With a few glasses of this and little splash of that in our stomachs before we even began to eat, the vibe of the meal was pretty upbeat. The man you see below hiding is face is our very own joeC. Joe is a NYC transplant from the town that claims his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Insert joke here ____________.

Before things got too out of control and a new curse of the Bambino was manifested in SteakClub7, the steaks hit the table. While I would normally join one of my brethren in a Porterhouse for 2, I let the BIG P.A. and the Meat God go for it, while I ordered a NY Strip. The quality cut of delicious beef was so big that for the first time in my life, I finally felt like Fred Flintstone ordering a Brontosaurus steak. Try as I did, I could not finish and therefore did not earn my Clean Plate club badge for the evening.

Each steak on the menu at DeStefano’s comes with your choice of 2 sides, a rarity in the NYC steakhouse. Most restaurants charges you for sides. We of course didn’t realize or expect that and ended up ordering more sides than we could possibly eat. It did however, give us a chance to really make our way around the menu. We tried nearly every side on the menu; Broccoli Rabe with Sweet Peas, Sautéed Spinach, Maple Glazed Carrots, Oven Roasted Potatoes and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. While the garlic mash were quite delicious, their closely related cousins, the oven roasted potatoes weren’t any really special. The maple glazed carrots on the other hand, were damn good and definitely my favorite side dish.

With extremely full bellies we all ordered our preferred after dinner drinks of choice and sat back in our seats, enjoying the company of great friends having a great time. The waitress then demanded we try the homemade cheesecake. Being close to rupturing from being too full, I lightly bit into the slice of dessert. It’s delicious flavor overwhelmed the senses and allowed me to get a few bites in before I had to stop eating.

We left the restaurant with huge smiles on our faces and bellies full of tasty treats. 2 signs on the way out of DeStefano’s best told the tale of our outing;

If you’re looking for a quality steak, a great atmosphere, fantastic service and look into the past that helped shape this wonderful city, I suggest making a reservation at DeStefano’s. Tell ’em the SteakClub7 sent you and don’t forget the bacon wrapped prunes!

4 out of 5 knives

Entrees12 oz Filet MignonSeared and Roasted to perfection this “king of steaks” is served with mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots$38.8924 oz. Rib Eye SteakOur signature dry aged rib eye is enhanced with the sweet anise flavor of sauteed fennel – a fabulous complimentto the Rib Eye – which turns this dish into something Italian and special.$42.8940 oz. Porterhouse Steak for TwoDry Aged to perfection and simmering in its own juices, this meat lover’s cut is best served medium rarebut the chef – to his despair – will prepare it to your taste.$78.89Lamb Chops with Pistachio Nut CrustBaby Rib Lamb Chops rubbed with garlic and herbs and grilled to perfection. Finished under pistachios-butter crustfor added flavor and texture. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and carrots.$38.8920 Oz. Veal ChopRapidly becoming a customer favorite, this double thick French cut chop combines with mushrooms, sherry, baconand red onion to create a dish that is guaranteed to please.$44.89Skirt Steak ItalianoGrilled Skirt Steak topped with whole grape tomatoes that are sauteed in garlic and oil. Served with DeStefano’s Home Fries and Sauteed Spinach.22.89Hangar Steak with Pomegranate ReductionThe sweetness of the pomegranate combines with smoked paprika to create a unique flavor that enhances the steak without overpowering it.Choice of potato and vegetable.$22.89Chicken Cordon BleuSautéed Chicken breast stuffed with Ham and Fontina cheese drizzled with a white truffle cream sauce.Choice of potatoes and vegetable.$22.89Native Lobster RavioliOur lobster ravioli are filled with bite size pieces of lobster. These gourmet ravioli are served in a lobster infused cream sauce.$22.89Porcini Mushroom RavioliPorcini Ravioli in a delicate sauce of Cream Basil and Cherry Tomatoes.$16.89House SidesIndividual ………. $5.89 For Two ………. $9.89Broccoli Rabe with Sweet Peas, Sautéed Spinach, Maple Glazed CarrotsOven Roasted Potatoes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, French Fries

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