Striphouse – Grounds For Ejection

Ahhh The Strip House! One of the Steak Club 7’s faves. In fact, it was the #1 tally pick of the group in 2009. (We update the standings at the beginning of the year.)  My last visit was without my fellow meat loving merry men and their last visit was without me! A return et all has been certainly overdue for quite some time.  When word came  down the meat news wire from a very reliable source that our beloved Strip House was in jeopardy of closing, we immediately made a reservation.

Our special guests for this trip were the very intelligent and highly connected Nick F. Nick is a high-powered attorney for rock and roll’s elite. I guarantee you have at least 1 album in your collection that has his legal work all over it. Nick is a fellow paisano which helps joeC and I out in battle of Jews vs Italians in the club. But I digress.

While the SC7 policy is one special guest per month, for this trip in particular, we bent the rules. I mean, we make ’em so we can break ’em when we eat steak…’em. When we found out that our brother in meat, Brandon S. was coming into town from LA, we made the exception and invited him out to join us. Brandon’s fine work in the music business has spanned 2 coasts and ever since he left us for the inferior one, we’ve missed him. The boy loves some meat and is keeping the dream alive in LA-LA land.

We arrived about 15 minutes early for our reservation anxious for steak but in need of a cocktail. Nick F. being the man about town of course was buddy-buddy with the general manager of the Strip House. This awarded us with several LARGE complimentary cocktails.  Unfortunately it was of NO value a full hour later when we still had not been seated. With 45 minutes of anticipation welling up in his belly, the BIG P.A. marched over to our table and kindly asked the group of people taking their sweet time in finishing their meal to “get the hell out.” Moments later we were shown to that very table.

No sooner had we been seated and in fact, still unfolding napkins, when the BIG P.A. beckoned the waiter and said “we’ll please have 2 pieces of bacon each.” I love it but it caught the already busy wait staff, really off guard. As we were still getting situated, the Striphouse brought each of us a dollops of complimentary mac and cheese. It was a very nice gesture but it wasn’t all that good. I liked that the mac was crunchy but it was missing the over the top buttery – cheesiness that I want from m-n-c. I say this but should admit that I find the ability to making a pleasing version of the dish is quite difficult.

I was impressed with the speed at which the bacon arrived. We had not even ordered our meals, let alone a bottle of wine. That’s an easy way to please the SC7. The bacon was good as always with its salty, smokey, greasy nature. I was glad the Big PA demanded we get 2 rashers each.

Although the bacon and mac were already devoured, we still had not ordered. You could sense not only the chaos in the restaurant but the unrest at our table. The Big PA demanded a 2nd helping of the macaroni and cheese which actually worked against getting our order in. I actually made not, we had been in the Striphouse for 2 hours and 17 minutes before the appetizers reached the table. NOT A GOOD SIGN.

I don’t eat shrimp but I can tell by the scent if it’s good or not and the shrimp cocktail had a terrible odor about it. There was practically an 80’s style Sly Stallone arm wrestling battle over the Warm Garlic Bread in Goronzola Fondue or as I called it, “Jenga bread and cheese dip.” Tasty little crispy blocks of garlic bread swimming in a sea of hot melted cheese, it almost reads like Penthouse Letters meets the Food Network. Apps eaten and our hunger continued to grow.

Thankfully the steaks came almost immediately after. Normally, that wouldn’t be cool as we all like a little breathing time after appetizers. In this particular case, we had been in the restaurant for more than 2 hours and 40 minutes before were served out entrees. The Big PA and I split a porter house for two, which is my favorite cut. All the steaks looked crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly on the inside, in our particular case, medium rare. But that’s where the awesome ended. In a perfect case of “looks can be deceiving,” my normally tender, juicy, delicious and busting with flavor Striphouse steak was missing. It had been replaced by a barely luke-warm cut of beef that was missing the flavor zing I’ve grown accustomed to a the Striphouse. I mentioned it allowed and found out that I wasn’t the only one with that reaction. Thankfully they serve their steaks with a bulb of roasted garlic to help save the flavor. Having said that, I did eat every bite! It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as amazing as I have come to expect from the Striphouse.

Onto the sides!
-Goosefat potatoes, good.
-Whipped potato puree, romanoff, nice.
-Sauteed Green Beans in garlic, very tasty.
-Steamed Broccoli, good.
-Creamed Corn with Pancetta, darn tootin!

Thank God for the good company (with the exception of the twat that photo bombed us ) because the Striphouse fell short on the food and service. Although we were assured that the place is not closing, the food and the regard of the wait staff certainly told a different story. If we re-counted the SC7 top 5 now, I would eject the Striphouse from the running.

2.5 out 5 knives


3 Responses

  1. not sure there is much that can be added to the description above…well thought out and definitely on point

    my thanks to steak club 7 for allowing me to take part. i love me a good piece of meat, and when you throw in good company there is nothing better


  2. First and foremost, this is a fantastic and accurate review by The Rev.

    I will not however be so diplomatic. I did not enjoy this night at the Strip House. The table we were seated at was meant for 5 people max, they jammed us in there with 8. I was not offered an apology or a complimentary drink for waiting over an hour after our reservation time to be seated. I was very disappointed to learn that we were in the restaurant for 2 hours and 48 minutes before we were served our entrees. The food was mediocre at best on this night (although I have had spectacular meals there in the past) and that’s too many strikes for me to look past.

    If the rumors of The Strip House’s demise are true, I for one will not miss it. Perhaps it was just an off-night, but it was enough for me. There are far too many new and exciting (as well as old faithful) spots in this city to satisfy my steak tooth.

    I’ll always have some great memories here, but I’m fully prepared to move on and enjoy establishments that understand customer service.


  3. Nice language about the woman who disturbed your commemorative photo. The meat on the plate was better bred than the writer.

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