Macelleria – Solo Mission

Who doesn’t love a good steak? Probably people who don’t frequent the Steak Club 7 site but since they aren’t here, we can point at them and laugh.

I’ll tell you who does love steak – ME! So do my friends Shawn and Matt and while in NYC for The Bamboozle, they asked if we could go get a tasty cut. I grabbed my business partner Adam, my wife Cara and made a reservation at Macelleria. It’s a “rustic” Italian steakhouse located, conveniently, in the meat packing district. On the Steak Club 7’s  official visit to Macelleria, we loved it, so I was pretty excited to return.

Considering I had spent the day doing a 55 mile bike ride as part of the Five Boro Bike Tour, I was pretty damn hungry. So hungry in fact that I forgot to take pictures of the appetizers. What you are not seeing on this plate is some of the best, creamiest and flavorful fresh buffalo mozzarella I have ever had! It came with some incredibly tasty prosciutto. We actually discussed getting a second order but before we could place it, the main courses arrived. The cleaver-as-a-knife move is really cool.

Adam and I spit a Porter House for Two while Shawn and Cara ordered the fillet. Matt got a NY Strip. Not a single complaint in the house. The PH42, although a little on the small side, was hot, juicy and cooked to a perfect medium rare. the high quality cut of beef was bursting with flavor and neither of us left a single bit of meat on the bone.

We got a number of sides but the one that deserves the spot light are the grilled peppers. The peppers themselves had a mild flavor but the grill char really made the taste stand out.

It was good to see Macelleria was just as delicious as I remembered and certainly worth a visit yourself.

4 out of 5 knives



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