Gallagher’s Steakhouse – Solo Mission

Last night I attend the Jagermeister tour with Korn, 2Cents, Mutiny Within and Big Jay Oakerson at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. It was a fantastic show and a great hang with good friends. Afterwards, in a fit of spontaneous hunger, I suggested a bunch of us hit the Gallagher’s Steakhouse across the street. I was clearly not the only one thinking about it as 10 of my friends followed me into the restaurant. Even though they were about to close but knew they couldn’t say no to a large crew hungry for steak. They sat us immediately as long as we promised to order right away. NO PROBLEM!

A few minutes later we were knee-deep in red wine, Jameson shots and awaiting the arrival of steak!!I ordered the 14 oz sirloin steak and am pleased to say it was cooked perfectly! Served on the bone (this gives it more flavor), the steak was tender, juicy and full of flavor. No real spices were added so you really got to taste the beef itself.I’ve eaten at Gallagher’s several times at Newark airport and never been really impressed so this was a pleasant surprise!

Gallagher’s dry ages all of their cuts in-house for at least 21 days. After that, they can sit for up to 3 months without going bad. But, as the Maître d’ explained to me, they never last that long! Each location proudly displays the beef in large glass refrigerators located at the front of the restaurant. After a little begging and pleading (and a fat tip on the bill!) he let me into the cooler to get a picture with all the meat. Unfortunately the only camera I had on me was my blackberry so while it’s not a perfect photo, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement!!!

Again, I did not have my camera on me so no official photos but I did take one other…if you’re a man you will understand the text I posted along with it on twitter. “Dear Women, you understand life-like a man can not. However, you’ll never appreciate this.”

Not only does the ice keep the place odor free, it makes for a fun game!

3.5 out 5 knives


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