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Quality Meats – Solo Mission

Be warned, promising the glory of meat to a member of Steak Club 7 is a gesture taken very seriously. My friend Adam had made such a promise more than a year ago and I intended on making sure he made good. I had to with it out but Adam, being the good and honorable dude that he is, took me and our friend Matt out for Steak. Since Adam was treating, his only demand was choosing the location and he asked to go to Quality Meats. Who am I to argue!??

Matt and I started off with a victory scotch while Adam had a PBR.  The meal began with a sampling of the amazing charcuterie meats and cheeses that Quality Meats offers. You see, Quality Meats actually has 2 restaurants, the full-blown steak house in the back and the counter service charcuterie bar in the front. If you get a table in the full restaurant, you can order from both and I most certainly suggest that you do! You’ll not have a better sampling of Italian Meats and cheeses any where else in the city.

In an attempt to have a serious palette cleanse as well as get in some roughage, we all ordered a salad. I had the Local Farmer’s Salad, overloaded with fruits and veggies while Matt ordered the beet salad and Adam went with his favorite, a Caesar. Mine was robust, bursting with succulent flavors and by far one of the most flavor intense salads I have ever eaten.

Most NY Steakhouses offer their own signature steak sauce and Quality Meats makes their own with a twist. Rather than just bottle it up off site and place it on the table, they bring all the ingredients table side and furiously whip up a batch just for you. While I wouldn’t necessarily suggest using steak sauce on a great steak but this sauce is incredible. Try dipping a few bites or use some bread. It’s a taste you will want to try.

Our amazing, attentive and friendly server put in a heavy suggestion on the NY Strip. As a big fan, there was no need for me to consider otherwise. Matt went with the same and Adam chose his favorite cut, a ribeye. Unlike other steak houses, Quality Meats serves their ribeye bone-in which makes it look like the kind of steak that Fred Flintstone eats. My NY Strip, also served bone-in, was cooked to a perfect medium-rare and exploding with amazing flavors. Quality Meats uses a little more salt in the seasoning of their steak but really, it just makes the tastes more intense. But the combination of marbling and the bone add an intensity to the flavor that you wont’ find in a of other place.

It’s always tough to gauge ordering sides for a meal like this. It’s easy to underestimate the hunger at the table and it’s even easier to over-estimate. It was a celebration so what the hell, we ordered almost all of them! The Pan Roasted Crispy Potatoes were awesome. Imagine thick cut potato chips served still hot and covered in spices. MMMM! TASTY. While I didn’t try the Yorkshire Creamed Spinach (not a fan), the Grilled Asparagus were crunchy and well prepared.  The Corn Creme Brulee and Gnocchi and Cheese were my two favorites. The former was an interesting mix of sweet and salty that worked well against a very savory cut of meat. The latter were rich and creamy providing a different palette than the rest of the meal. I also enjoyed the Broccoli & Cheese Bites but not as much as I would’ve just liked some steamed or sautéed broccoli. You need a little greens with a meal like this.

As we sat holding our full bellies, we agreed, there just wasn’t any room available for desserts. Upon delivering the after dinner menus, our server reiterated that the ice cream at Quality Meats was home-made and worth trying. That was enough nudging for Matt and I to give in and order Banana Cream Pie and Coffee & Doughnuts ice cream. Of course that lead to Sticky Toffee & Cherry Pudding with Almond Ice Cream and a Chocolate Brownie Cake served with Pistachio cream,Yogurt and Raspberries. Each one of them was rich, jam-packed with delicious flavor and unique in its own right. The Banana Cream Pie ice cream and the Sticky Toffee were the stand outs.

If there’s one thing that Quality Meats does well, it would be EVERYTHING! Not a moment or bite of the entire evening was boring or average in any way. Perhaps the name truly does tell all here. Enjoy, you won’t leave disappointed.

4.5 out of 5 knives

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