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Nebraska Steakhouse and Lounge

Nebraska Steakhouse and Lounge

Cool, cool.  So, I kind of feel that I’m the guy who drags the crew to new and different places that may be considered “off the beaten path” in search of an alternate steak house experience.  Once I convinced everyone to get on a ferry and travel over a body of water to an old school Italian steak house along the lovely shores of New Jersey.  I insisted everyone get on the Q train in the dead of winter and travel all the way out to Astoria Queens (yes, close to the shooting location of SC7’s favorite film Coming to America) where we experience a Greek interpretation of our group’s savory steak mission.  The trek I planned to find a slightly different take this moth however, took me just a few blocks from my permanent place of residence, in the FiDi (Financial District) of Lower Manhattan.  Despite the short, boring walk…the outcome was equally as exotic.

The evening or our reservation, I received a text message from The Rev who arrived about an hour early (for pre-game cocktails) stating “um, how the hell did you find this place?!?!?!”  I, still in my office, responded in a panic “why???  Is it terrible???”  His reply was simply “YOU’LL SEE!”

I rushed down to the site: Nebraska Steak House.  My intention?  Scope the place out and if necessary, call an audible.  The beauty of Wall St is that there is legitimate steak joints on almost every block.  The Capital Grille, The Palm, Harry’s, Delmonicos, and literally across the street is one of our all time favorites, Bobby Van’s.  I could have easily rallied the troops and head elsewhere to an Ol’ Faithful.

Here’s the first concern we had:

These are two of the first pictures you see on the Nebraska website…and it’s what this place is like upon arrival.

Luckily, the group was enamored by the dark lighting, the pulsating dance music, and the former Czech female body-builder BOMBSHELLS stationed behind the bar.  To my surprise, everyone agreed: “we aint leavin’, we’re here for an experience, WE’RE EATIN NEBRASKA!”

The actual restaurant setting was kinda old school and very comfortable.  Rich leather and oak décor.  I think we all agreed upon seating, we probably made the correct call.  Now on to the food!

First, a wonderful surprise:  Red and green vinegar peppers in a bath of extra virgin olive oil with decent quality bread…and in HUGE quantities for the table.  This went over really well with the crew.  The peppers were very, very good, similar to what my mother who hails from Ariano Irpino in Italia would serve. I was very impressed.

Next up…Kobe Burger split up for the table as an appetizer…delicious!

Tomato and Mozzarella salad:

And an absolutely delicious Seafood Linguine entrée that was easy to share as an app for the table.  Shrimp, clams, muscles, and a very large split Maine lobster tail in a tangy marinara sauce:

Now…steak time!

Mine was a very healthy cut of New York Strip cooked to perfection.  Pink and juicy in the middle with a very nice char on the outer shell.  I was impressed with the technique and presentation, however I did not find the flavor of the actual steak at a level that I have come to expect when paying $50 for a single piece of meat.  All in all I enjoyed.  Here’s a look at the other cuts ordered:

I felt all the sides were exceptional and the peas and onions were really and unexpected surprise…that dish is a MUST ORDER!

Desert time called for the standard espresso and black sambucca for me and The Rev:

Ok, this place was pretty solid all-in-all.  I would say to not let the ambiance up entering fool you, this is first and foremost a steakhouse.  Our service was very good and our food was also.  Be prepared to pay Wall Street prices though, the menu is not scared of putting up big numbers in bold text!

3.5 our of 5 Knives


One Response

  1. joeC pretty much summed it up. I will add to the text message convo;

    me: “If you had blind folded me, walked me into this place and asked me where I thought I was, my answer would’ve been ‘a strip club!’ As it turns out, I would’ve been right either way!”

    A few food notes

    Salad; good, but way too much dressing

    Burger: This was a good coarsely ground and tightly packed steakhouse burger. Pretty decent and a great idea as an appetizer to split.

    The Filet Mignon chili: Great but would’ve been just as great if they used regular beef instead of filet

    The Meat God and I split a Porter House for Two. The steak was cooked right but for some reason but a little dry. GIMME DA JOICE! The steak had good flavor but a little more bland than I have come to expect from NYC steakhouses.

    I absolutely LOVED the papsdew peppers that came with everything. Awesome touch.

    3 out of 5 knives
    – Rev

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