Flea Market Cafe – A Cornucopia of Curveballs

The BIG P.A. thought he was throwing the world’s Number 1 Steak Club a curveball with his pick for the month. Normally our monthly excursion takes us to one of the many coveted New York style steakhouses that help to make this wonderful city what it is but for March 2011, we were being led down a different path. The BIG P.A. chose the East Village’s Flea Market Cafe, a small neighborhood bistro, known especially for their brunch, that serves up traditional French dishes. But hey, a steak is a steak and there’s a level of trust in this club that is damn sacred, like a cow, that we know the big guy wouldn’t ever break. What it did mean was a very unique evening of savory eats!

Without even a single moment of hesitation, the Big P.A. ordered up several plates of Merguez, a fantastically grilled, spicy Lamb sausage served with French Dijon mustard. In fact, the 7 of us gobbled them up so damn quickly that we asked for a 2nd order as well as the Saucisson & Cornichons, a dry cured sausage and mini-pickles.

Every once in a while the SC7 pull a move that only we are bold, and hungry enough to do, order a Hamburger as an appetizer. It’s not for the weak of heart or for those who can’t figure out how to slice a Burger 7 ways. Made from what is a clearly a fantastic blend of beef, this Burger, topped with cheddar and bacon was no joke. There may need to be a return visit for an official Burger Conquest at some point. In the meantime, enjoy the Left Hand Grab style curveball grip I put on the Burg!

While the rest of the fellas munched on some fried calamari, I took the opportunity to break up an otherwise heavily meal with a plate of fresh mixed greens.

Blue Cheese Potato Croquettes? Yes please! Salty cheese and starchy potatoes, breaded and deep-fried sounded way too good to pass up and one bite confirmed, they were not worth passing up!

The gratin Dauphinois, an amazing potato dish made with cheese, eggs and butter was simply delectable and the mere thought is causing me to experience some severe hunger pangs! It was locked in a savory taste bud battle with the stupendous crock of Gratintated French Onion Soup.

It’s hard to believe that after the cornucopia of food we had already eaten through, there was still delicious NY Strip & Hanger Steaks to come. Each one was cooked absolutely perfectly and had rich and delicious beef tastes. There was not a frown to be found anywhere at our corner table in the back.

If any curve ball was thrown into the meal, it was by myself and Box when we opted OUT of ordering Steak and instead went for an item on the specials menu, the Cassoulet. If you’ve ever experienced the dish, then you know just how amazing it can be and when it’s the special of the house, I personally just can’t say no it. It’s made by slow cooking a mix of several meats, tomatoes and haricot white beans. The Flea Market Cafe takes their version up a notch by also adding bacon, a big, thick, gigantic slice of tasty bacon!!! While normally a steak departure would be met with much guffaw, hems and haws, the SC7 love food in general and took it as an opportunity to upgrade the experience. In fact, Matty Winks demanded to split and trade half a steak for half the Cassoulet. I said yes because it meant I got to have my Steak and eat it too. Damn, it was awesome.

I’d say the P.A.’s curveball was the pitch that won the game.

4 out of 5 knives


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  1. the cassoluet was off the hizzook! it a was fun change of pace.

    4 out of 5

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