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Bull and Bear – Post-Marital Solo Mission

What better way to celebrate post-marital bliss than with a gigantic cut of beef!! My fiance and I wed the day before and spent the night at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to celebrate the next night. Located on the Lexington Avenue side of the hotel is the famous Bull and Bear Steakhouse. Dope tower suite + steakhouse in the hotel = no need to leave the building!


As we dropped the “Steak Club7” name for our reservation at the host desk, we were met with a funny look. Goes to show, you should never pre-judge anyone, especially when my money spends like anyone else but also comes with a review on the world’s premier steak club website! We were seated in the old-world feeling mahogany dining room where we quickly selected a bottle of red wine and ordered the Speck Prosciutto with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese as an appetizer. It was very light but quite delicious.


The Bull and Bear is famous for being the first restaurant on the East Coast to serve USDA Certified Angus Beef(C) Prime, so given the choice, we both took it. A Prime Filet for the Mrs. and a Prime NY Strip for myself. We were both quite pleased with our cuts and although mine was slighlty over cooked, it was still really delicious.


For sides we chose the Au Gratin potatoes from the appropriately named “starch” menu and accompanied it with some green beans. Both were fantastic but admittedly, pouring the bernaise sauce that Mrs. Rev ordered with her Filet made me think they should actually serve that on the menu. DAMN IT WAS GOOD.


Generally, I opt for no sauce as a Prime piece of beef should need little to no seasoning and should be judged as such. I will say though, that in any other situation, I love me some sauce. The green peppercorn was really vibrant and thick but definitely over powered the beef. A dip here and there of the bernaise, were definitely worth trying but not worth overdoing!


In the end, the service was ok and the food was pretty good. Price was a little high but as the corn crops cost more, the price is passed on to the consumer. In the end, everything was really good but nothing stood out. The Bull and Bear was more like Calf and Teddy.

3.5 out 5 knives from The Rev

Arthur’s Tavern – Breaking the rules

It’s important to establish rules or boundaries with anything in life. Having a rules, allows for a plan and with no plan, there is no attack. With no attack, there is no victory. Just like anything else, Steak Club 7 has rules and one of them is that you must order steak on an official SC7 outing.

And that’s why sometimes, we go off on solo missions, because rules were made to be broken!

I gathered a few friends and took them to Arthur’s Tavern in Hoboken, NJ. This “old-fashioned neighborhood tavern” is a steakhouse that is rumored not only to be haunted, but also to have the best burger in Hudson County. Hence, going to a steak house to eat a burger.

One of Arthur’s greatest qualities is bigger size for a lower price. Check out the wedge with crumbled blue cheese and the diet coke. That’s he-man sized!

While most of us opted for a salad, Timmytats dove right into what looked like the most amazing bowl of french onion soup I have ever seen. He confirmed that it tasted as good as it looked.

Once the burger arrived, my first reaction colored me un-impressed. Yeah it looks big and its cooked right but it’s appearance was not dressed to impress. When I saw Timmytats’ bacon covered burger, I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong menu option.

However, everything changed once I cut in half and realized that a 6’3″, 225LB man like myself did not have hands big enough to wrap around this ground meat sandwich of lore, things started to look up. My medium rare burger with cheddar was more than any man should handle!

One bite was all it took to confirm, this was definitely the best burger in Hudson County and I’ll be damned if it’s not better than anything I have had in New York City. It was big, meaty, juicy, cooked just right with cheddar, lettuce and on a fresh kaiser roll. Truly, truly delicious and I couldn’t stop until all 10 juicy ounces had gone into my mouth.

ALL THIS FOR $6.25!??!?! Color me impressed Arthur’s! YOU WIN.

Great atmosphere, great service, great price, great burger and definitely get the Arthur’s Famous Potatoes but be sure to ask for them well done.

It feels wrong to judge this on the SC7 knife scale, so I’ll go with 4 out of 5 spatulas.

Looking for an Argentinean steak house in Hell’s Kitchen? Look again.

As a massive steak lover and more specifically Argentinean steak and wine, I was very excited when I heard just such a restaurant opened in my neighborhood. Don’t be fooled by the pictures online, the Gaucho Steak Co is not that nice and I was totally embarrassed when I brought my fiancĂ© here for an anniversary dinner. Imagine a dressed up and converted Chinese take out joint. That’s about it.

The service is ok but the only thing blander than the decor is the food. It was tasteless, prepared with no panache and boring. The menu reads like a delicious sampling of a country’s cuisine but the food wasn’t very good. I was truly disappointed. I suggest trying Azul Bistro in the LES.

1 out 5 because they were nice people.

Old Homestead – solo mission

I was asked to host a bachelor party in New York City last weekend. One of the requests was a fine steak dinner. With so many choices and so many great experiences, how do I as a member of Steak Club 7 pick just one? Easy, I went with the option that I though had the overall best rating, The Old Homestead. As always, it delivered with flying colors, specifically a nice reddish-pink middle!!

Since it was a party, we went full on; wedge salads, kobe burger to split, kobe bacon slabs, jenga stacked garlic bread in cheese, hasbrowns, sauteed broccoli, creamed spinach and I talked the table into steak for 6. Seemed to make sense to me since we had 3 orders of filet and 3 orders of strip. Turned out to be a great idea. The service great, especially when we had to send one steak back for being well when we asked for medium rare.

2 sundaes and stackable after dinner drinks later, and we were one satisfied crew. The Old Homestead should be nick named, the Old Standard.

Steak anyone?

stackable bevs

Is that a giant cow or are you happy to see meat?


Hit up the Striphouse on my own last night. I definitely suggest a reservation if you are going on a Friday. Still waiting.

Steak was AMAZING. Cooked perfectly, almost no fat. In fact so good I didnt even bother to see if the sauce tasted good! Apps were ok, wine selection not up to my liking, sides decent, service was phenomenal and I love the lay out of the place. I could do without the dance music but the steak..my freaking god! Totally worth the horrible night’s sleep!


P.S. Big ups to the broccoli as well. Big flowers, little to no stems and lots of flavor.