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Empire Steak House – NY Steak of Mind

We love Steak. We love Steak so much that we get together once, every month in NYC to eat it together. There is no one out there who does what we do at our level of appreciation. Thankfully after years and years of eating delicious Steak, we still have yet to exhaust the supply of great Steak locations around town. With all kinds of new restaurants popping up all over town with all kinds of crazy themes and menus, the classic New York Steakhouse will always hold it’s appeal.

This month’s Steak Club 7 outing brought us to the Empire Steak House. Located in Rockefeller Center, it was built on the former grounds of the Greek Restaurant Anthos. It’s a family effort from Jeff Sinanaj and his brothers, who spent years as waiters at Peter Lugers and now own Ben and Jacks Steakhouse. The concept is to bring a classic New York City fine dining experience centered around a Porterhouse Steak. Each cut of beef is hand selected and then aged 21 to 28 days at Empire.

With mouths watering and good laughs all around, we dove into what I think is the real reason the Big P.A. joined SteakClub7, we sunk our collective teeth into  an extra thick slice of sizzling Canadian Bacon.

As per norm, the other fellas ordered up some fresh Jumbo Shrimp.

While not on the menu, we were all hounding for a Wedge Salad and the restaurant was more than happy to accommodate. Seeing as how they were so willing to fill our stomachs, the Big P.A. asked if we could have more of the bacon cut up to put on the salads. I love the Big P.A.

Then it was time for the magic. At Empire they cook your Steak slightly under temperature so when it arrives on the table on a VERY hot plate, they can cook it up to the temperature desired just by running it along the dish itself. It makes for a great presentation and truly gets your tastes buds amped up.

On the docket for sides, we actually went a little heavy on the greens with Sautéed Broccoli, Creamed Spinach and Peas & Onions. All of the selections were fresh and well prepared. The latter of which was especially fantastic and I wish more restaurants offered it.

We also ordered German Potato & Cottage Fries. The Cottage Fries, while good are really just fresh made potato chips. The German Potatoes on the other hand are perfect for sopping up extra Steak juice! They are crispy on the outside and still soft on inside and when covered in a little cracked pepper and salt are just awesome.

Assembled all together on one plate and you have a PERFECT Steak dinner. The Porterhouse at Empire is EVERYTHING they play it up to be. Juicy, succulent, tasty, savory and flavorful, high quality USDA PRIME.

The Empire Steakhouse is perfect example of what makes a classic New York City Steakhouse with great service & fantastic food.

4.5 knives out of 5