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Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse – Solo Mission

My wife Cara and her mother Evelyn hit me up asking for suggestions on a good steak dinner near New York City’s Grand Central Station. They wanted for the 3 of us to get together for a nice meal to enjoy some family time together. While I would be happy eating granola bars just to spend time with, nothing does it like a NYC steakhouse meal. Fortunately the request could not have been more easy to fulfill. Located right inside the doors on the North and West balconies of the Grand Central Terminal is a delicious steakhouse with an amazing view; Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse.

It’s the ideal location for a grand meal if you commute in or out of the city from the station as it’s literally right there. The views from the restaurant are of the main concourse are spectacular. Known as “the most widely recognizable train terminal room in the world, ” it’s the room through which all traffic flows. Michael Jordan’s sits on the balcony looking out at the amazing star painted ceiling.  There is no shortage of tales, lore and relevance to this very historic and beautiful piece of the New York landscape.  Having grown up and living her entire life in NYC, Evelyn has a treasure chest full of memories and stories about the life of the building.

It’s a great setting to enjoy an appetizer of Warm Garlic Bread in Gorgonzola Fondue. The crispy and warm Garlic Bread stacks up like a Jenga tower while the Fonude provides its moat. The garlic bread is light and savory and when dipped into the thick, creaminess of the rich Gorgonzola Fondue. Be careful, you can ruin the entire meal gorging on this extremely tasty app. But do be sure to dip for the chunky parts!

Both Cara and her Mother chose the leaner and flavorful Filet Mignon steak while I opted for a special of the day. The words barely came out of the server’s mouth before I was fist pumping; “for our specials tonight we are serving a Filet of Venison…” I stopped him right there and with a very excited look in my eyes, I said “I’m going to need that please.” We all laughed and he ran through the rest of the specials although I didn’t hear any of them, as I was lost in thought over my favorite meat. Yes you heard that correct. The guy who hosts the NYC Wing-Off, writes the Burger Conquest website and is a founding member of the world’s #1 steak club, the SC7, prefers Venison over all other meats. Believe me, if venison was more readily available I would’ve started a Venison blog long ago.

The Filet comes served in a red wine reduction and parsnip purée. Ordered medium rare, the plate arrived with 2 pieces of the most perfectly cooked, succulent meat one could ever hope for. My hands were shaking as I quickly tried to snap photos for the blog. It’s a cut of meat that is rich in flavor, very lean, soft and succulent. The burnt edges around the medium rare center really created a monsoon like battle between the two flavors of the cut. I had to slowly pace myself so I didn’t just suck it down without truly enjoying every delicious bite. The parsnips were extra sweet an almost candy like. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the salty meat.

Each of us chose a side to be served with our steak. My wife asked for the Mac and Cheese, Evelyn asked for the Asparagus and I chose a personal favorite, Hericot Verts. They defined the word “fresh.” They tasted as though they had been picked from a welt kept garden on minutes before serving. The beans had a nice snap in the bite. I nearly devoured the entire serving. Michael’s Mac and Cheese is worth the trip alone! It’s creamy in consistency but light in texture. The cheese sauce is very creamy like a thickened, savory cheese soup. This and the Gorgonzola Fondue prove that Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse knows what to do with cheese!

Try as we might, we could not earn credit for being members of the clean plate club at this meal. It was just too much delicious food for 3 people to eat. The waiter passed around the desert menu and the thought alone brought discomfort. Instead of a cake, pie or ice cream, we each selected an after dinner drink to help coat the truly delicious meal.

This one is for you Ada.

4 out of 5 knives