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Pietro’s – Entrees Before Appetizers

The anticipation and excitement that kicks up on the day of an SC7 gathering is like waiting for Santa to come on Christmas day. With a few of us having a difficult week, this one couldn’t have come at a better time. CMoore came with the suggestion to try Pietro’s Restaurant in East Midwtown. This Italian-leaning steak house opened in 1932, this restaurant passed hands when original owner, Pietro Donini passed away. In 1984, Pietro’s moved to it’s current location on 43rd St.

Pietro's 061009 001Pietro's 061009 003

The SC7 rode with out the Meat God or Jon this month so we were only a table of 5. After a quick beverage at the bar, we were shown to our seats. As we passed a table next to ours, we saw a gentlemen about to dig into one of the most tantalizing chicken parmesans I have ever seen. I looked at Paul and without missing a beat, he exclaimed, “mate, we’re getting one as an appetizer!”

Pietro's 061009 004

As soon as we sat down, before we could even ask for water, Paul looked up at the waiter and asked “Can we please have an order of chicken parmesan and an order of spaghetti of meat balls as an appetizer?” The server, a little taken back, took the order and walked away. Before we had even placed an order for wine and appetizers, the said entrees arrived. The waiter divvied them up and we dove right in. The chicken parm was certainly out of sight! Just slightly crispy on the outside but still tender on the inside. I would normally expect more sauce but the flavor was just right. The same went the spaghetti. The meatballs were excellent and honestly, I would’ve been happy just eating a whole plate of them. They were both so good and only made me hungrier!

Pietro's 061009 005Pietro's 061009 007

I skipped on a salad but the other guys got some and 2 orders of shrimp.

Pietro's 061009 008

Paul and I split the “steak for 2” which was essentially a bone-in strip. The steak arrived at the table, but only for a moment. The waiter just wanted to show it to us before he took it to their preparation table where he cut it up and arranged in on our plates. He placed them down in front us of and I began to salivate as I saw it was perfectly cooked. Juicy, tender, flavorful, hot, seared in butter – it was amazing. I had to get my picture with this unbelievable piece of beer. I was having a straight up meatgasm.

Pietro's 061009 012Pietro's 061009 014

The other guy’s steaks arrived as well. Everyone’s entree looked just so good. The “oooohs” and “ahhhs” were a plenty and I knew everyone was really happy with their steak.

Pietro's 061009 009Pietro's 061009 015

For sides we got brocooli and green beans served ailoi along with lyonnaise, home fried and au gratin potatoes. The lyonnaise I could’ve done with out but everything else was delectable. I especially enjoyed the green beans. You almost never get them as an option at a steak house so this made me really happy.

Pietro's 061009 017Pietro's 061009 016Pietro's 061009 020Pietro's 061009 019

Take one look at this work of art and tell me if you aren’t about to call in a reservation yourself!

Pietro's 061009 022

We made short work of the meal, finishing nearly every bite of food on the table. The review feeling pretty damn positive. The waiter came by and rattled off a desert list that felt longer than Santa’s naughty list. We all exclaimed how full our belly’s were and that we couldn’t eat another bite.

Pietro's 061009 023

So Paul and Joe, in an effort to keep it easy, ordered chocolate cake, tiramisu and sorbet! Keep it light and easy my behind!! Admittedly, they were all rich with flavor and damn good but I was about to pop.

Pietro's 061009 025

Definitely mark this one off as a place you should try. The food was great, the atmosphere was friendly and good times were had. It’s an older crowd though, so if you like it a little more personal and quiet, go after 8 pm.

4 out of 5 knives