Dickie Brennan’s – SC7 makes levees not war

What too soon? We saw it on a t-shirt in New Orleans so no hatin’ aloud!

SC7 and friends took a trip to the big easy for my bachelor party. Why miss an opportunity to take the club on for an away game? It wasn’t an official SteakClub7 meating even though we had enough for quorum. My party so my pick and award winning Dickie Brennan’s what I wanted.

Seriously, it takes some real balls to post your menu’s recipes on your website! More on balls later…

Found in New Orleans’ French Quarter, this old school has been serving up steak for 60 some years but never before to a crowd like this. Must be why they put us in a private room! Special guests get special treatment and thanks to our waiter Rasheem, we definitely got the VIP attention we crave. There was never an empty glass on the table.

Former SC7er, big datti Marc started the party right by ordering onions rings as apps while the rest of us sought out some much needed roughage.

Steak special of the day; “the cowboy.” A 20 oz ribeye with a 4 oz bone. I had Rasheem describe it twice before I responded by a nod so big, I didn’t have to say out loud “listen pal, I think I just wet my pants. You better cook that sucker up medium well and have it on the table once I get back from cleaning my drawers!” He looked right at me and said “you got it and trust me, you don’t need any sauce.” I wetted again.

HOLY GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY SWEET STEAK JESUS JUMPIN JEEEEEEHOSEFATS!! The steak was truly, truly incredible and this is coming from someone who generally is not into ribeyes. Wow. A winner succulent piece of perfectly cut and prepare beef with just a little seasoning on top to delicately accent the flavor. I wanted to order a 2nd cut to snuggle with in bed!!

Everyone’s steak and even Jim’s salmon (girlie man) looked amazing. Not only does Dickie Brennan’s offer a selection of sauces for your steak but any steak can also be topped off with seafood of your choice. Wow.

“Team Potato” was back in action as Marc and Matt ordered all 7 kinds of potato sides on the menu. Au gratin was a clear winner. The pictures tell me we had some other good sides but honestly, I can only remember “THE COWBOY.”

In the end, everyone had a rip roarin’ good time, ate some tasty steaks and had a great time. Try it for yourself; just look out of the biggest set of rocky mountain oysters that side of the Mississippi!
No walls were stabbed in the process.

4.5 out of 5 knives from The Rev


One Response

  1. Great Steak. Great Service! OK Sides. Great time. I loved it and would go back again.

    5 jams for steak and service.
    3 jams for sides.

    4.33 steak knife average. BAM.

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