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Delmonico’s – Respect the Ribeye



A triumphant return for the club after an inability to meet in September and annual October trip to Luger’s was unexpectedly cancelled. Delmonico’s “America’s first fine dining restaurant” is located in the financial district of NYC and has all the appeal of an old world steak house. The 6 of us in our polos and jeans definitely stood out but by the end were the most entertaining (read; LOUD) table in the place.


Although they didn’t have much in the way of appetizers, we do love our bacon, I have to say the smoked bacon and lentil soup not only won major points on taste but also presentation. The real winner here, the signature “The Classic Delmonico’s Steak” is 20 ounce boneless Ribeye that not only looked and smelled great but goes down as the best Ribeye I have ever eaten. Desserts won big points, especially they peach snake fall down crisp. Only real bum out to report, an overly smoky and BBQ oriented steak sauce. Of course that didn’t stop Matt from slurping through 2 pots of it mixed with horseradish.

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  1. […] it quite like an old school NY Steakhouse. America’s first fine dining restaurant EVER is Delmonico’s Steakhouse, which is still proudly open in the Financial District. I mean hey, what other city / state has a […]

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