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Azul Bistro – a change of pace AKA chorizo is the new bacon

Azul Bistro Ticket

With vivid pleasant thoughts of BLT Prime still running in our minds, we decided to shake things up a bit on this month’s Steak Club 7 outing. Traditionally the SC7 stick to visit proper NYC Style steakhouse but in an attempt to cleanse our pallets, this month we paid a visit to an Argentinian steak house in LES called Azul Bistro. Upon entering its clear that someone has gone to painstaking lengths to create the feeling of a traditional Argentinian steak restaurant. From the pictures of city scenes, to the wooden tables, brick walls, authentic advertisements for Argentine products and a Spanish speaking staff, you feel what its really like to be dining in Buenos Aires.

Serving gigantic rashers of grilled bacon is more and more becoming a standard for NY steakhouses, but not at Azul Bistro. Instead you can have your choice of grilled Chorizo or Blood Sausage. We went for the former and it was tasty but nearly as delicious either the beef or cheese empanadas, which we re-ordered 3 times during the meal! The others guys got the sauteed octopus and sizzling baby shrimps.

I split the grilled sirloin for 2 with the meat god. It was dusted with sea salt, ground pepper, olive oil and rosemary while served on a sizzling plate. It came with a side of fries and some salad. The fries were well done and good, the lettuce was fresh and the chimichurri was decent but the crown jewel was the steak itself. The steak was succulent and juicy. Whereas I generally prefer my steak spice free, on this occasion, the rosemary made a delicious addition and accented the meat rather than disguising the flavor.

Along with some fantastic wine moderately priced, I would say Azul was a winner and served as a great reset button. Next month, we return to our standards. But if you are looking for steak and want something a little different, I highly recommend Azul Bistro.

4.5 out of 5 from The Rev

3 Responses

  1. Very good. Not great. Not bad. No lengthy review from joeC this time…I will simply inform you that the empanadas were delicious and the grilled skirt steak was charred to perfection and served with some of the creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. A good experience for sure!

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