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Maloney & Porcelli

We dined shorthanded this month as two of our “dogs” had last minute emergencies come up. Quick fact about SC7, we’ve been to dozens of New York City Steakhouses, but we’ve never dined at Smith & Wollensky’s as an official outing. I thought this would be the month we caved in, but decided otherwise. While on the S&W site, I decided we’d visit one more of their offshoot restaurants. We’ve had good luck at The Post House & Quality Meats (also Fourth Wall Restaurants), thus the decision to visit Midtown’s Maloney and Porcelli.

Loved the location of our table on this night. We were in the back left corner of the restaurant in a quiet area. Was perfect for us to talk and also enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant.

We started things off with salads and a shrimp cocktail. The wedge was good, having crumbled Bacon always gets a thumbs up! The shrimp cocktail was just ok. As a restaurant, Maloney and Porcelli offers more than just steak and on this night, two of our guys strayed from red meat, one went home happy, one was less than satisfied.

Box ordered the Crackling Pork Shank and loved it, the Firecracker Applesauce was a solid complement. The Rev ordered the Venison and was less than satisfied.. Joe and I ordered the smaller Dry-Aged Prime Rib Eye and it was fantastic! Cooked perfectly and for a rib-eye wasn’t too fatty. Rich ordered the thicker cut and was also very satisfied.

The sides were really solid as well. If you go to Maloney and Porcelli, you must order “Our Signature Balls” as a side dish! We also shared creamed spinach, mushrooms and hash browns, but the big winner was the Signature Balls, which is a potoatoes, bacon, chives all fried together!

Overall, a great night leading into the Thanksgiving break – Always great to have a big meal, before “the” big meal! Service was attentive to our needs.

3 and a half knives

2 Responses

  1. M&P has been on the alternate list for a long time so I was really glad when Jon picked it for this month’s outing.

    Jon nailed it but here’s a few notes from me

    Warm pretzel bread w whole mustard seed butter

    As for the wedge, the dressing was more watery than thick and too sparsely applied

    While we all busted on Box for NOT ordering steak, he definitely made the right choice for a win.

    As for my meat, I LOVE venison and when I say that, I mean it’s my favorite meat in the world. I would have started that blog if it was easier to find it in restaurants. When I found it on the specials menu here, I couldn’t wait to eat it. Unfortunately, the venison was dry and lacking the flavor that such a great meat should have. It’s my fave meat on the planet and I didn’t even finish eating it. That should say everything.

  2. Go there tonight and order this:

    Shrimp Cocktail 16.00/20.50
    Dry-Aged Prime Rib Steak 42.75/47.50

    You will be very happy!

    3.5 knives


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